Video Slot Machines that you must play in 2021

Video Slot Machines that you must play in 2021
Video Slot Machines that you must play in 2021

Video Slot Machines that you must play in 2021 :There are all kinds of reasons why the emergence of the online world has benefited humanity as a whole, in fact to be perfectly honest there are way too many to even begin listing here. With that being said though, one of the most poignant ways in which the Internet has changed things is through the online casino sphere, something that counts online slots as by far its main component.

Oh yes, can you even imagine a world without online slots these days? We certainly can’t, as these infectiously good little gambling games have quite quickly become by far the most played online casino games in the world, where obviously because themed slots are popular with UK punters. And the industry just doesn’t stop growing either, with millions of new slot gamblers joining the fray every single year.

Want to know about some video slot machines that you must play in 2021? We suggest you keep reading to find out…

A history of video slot machines

The history of video slot machines is actually really fascinating, because it is completely wrapped up in technology and the endless pursuit of technological progress too. Contrary to what you may think, video slots were actually only invented in the early 1980s, with all other slot machines that came before being purely mechanical or electro-magnetic. The reason it took so long? Digital spinning reels are actually quite hard to design!

You see, with digital reels slot machine designers had to find a way to keep the random element, which is harder than you might think at first. In the early 1980s they cracked the problem, however, using something called a Random Number Generator to dictate the way that the reels spun. It was a crucial discovery, and something that paved the way for the video slot machine revolution, and later on the online slot explosion!

Video Slot Machines that you must play in 2021

Luckily for online slot gamblers in 2021 we have a pretty absurd amount of choice when it comes to video slot machines to play, with cult classics available, as well as a steady torrent of brand new and exciting titles too. Take a look at some of the video slot machines that you must play in 2021:

  • Centurion: When Inspired Gaming released Centurion just over a year ago the whole online slots community was absolutely flabbergasted. Who knew that you could pack so many different bonus rounds into one online slot? Or that you could render slot graphics in such a ridiculously HD way? Centurion ticks all of these boxes and more!
  • Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix: Pretty much every single online slot gambler worth their salt will know about the incredible Rainbow Riches slot series, something that is responsible for popularity the famous “luck of the Irish slot theme”. Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix takes all of the bonus features from previous iterations of the games and whacks it all into one extraordinarily good slot. It certainly is a video slot machine that you must play in 2021!







Video Slot Machines that you must play in 2021

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