Top 5 Benefits Of Float Therapy

Top 5 Benefits Of Float Therapy
Top 5 Benefits Of Float Therapy

Top 5 Benefits Of Float Therapy : If you’re suffering from anxiety, insomnia, depression, or other psychological problems, you might be wondering how to float it away.

Worry not, float therapy offers the ultimate relaxation and health redemption solution. But how does float therapy improve your health?

I know the idea might be scaring. The effect of float therapy is scientifically proven to improve wellness.

The float sensory deprivation tank contains magnesium saturated water at temperature levels of your skin. The float tank keeps your body floating effortlessly.

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing benefits of float therapy here.

  1. Depression and Anxiety Reduction

    Chronic stress contributes to high production of adrenaline and cortisol hormones. The hormones cause your hypothalamus to be overactive. It later leads to depression and other psychological problems.

    Have you heard that float therapy helps you fight depression and anxiety through the regulation of cortisol production? It deprives you of environmental stimuli which helps reset the neuroendocrine.

    It enhances the resetting of neuroendocrine which helps normalize cortisol and adrenaline production.

  2. Does Float Therapy Reduce Stress?

    As you know, life can be frustrating or overwhelming at times leading to stress. We must regulate our stress levels to avoid chronic ailments caused by stress.

    Float therapy helps reduce stress levels through two strategies.

    Firstly, the magnesium concentration in the float tank controls the production of adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH).

    Regulation of the ACTH hormone helps reduce the production of cortisol hormone levels.

    Secondly, through the sensory deprivation stress levels are decreased. Taking a float therapy will offer a relaxation effect that will reduce stress.

  3. Relieves Physical Pain

    Floatation therapy is part of the pain relief plan. If you’re suffering from muscle pain or burnout caused by stress, float therapy will save you.

    Visiting a float therapy clinic helps you boost feelings of relaxation and muscle tension. With 12 float therapy session’s you’ll experience muscle pain relief.

  4. Reduces Insomnia

    Do you find it challenging to sleep especially when under stress? Quality sleep is an important part of quality health. Stress is a liability when it comes to quality sleep.

    Float therapy benefits cover improved quality of sleep. It’ll help your body absorb magnesium through the skin.

    Magnesium helps control the production of the stress hormone cortisol. The deep relaxation experienced in float therapy will improve the functionality of your nervous system and sleep.

    The longer the float therapy session, the higher the effect on quality sleep.

  5. Improves Athletic Performance

    Float therapy reduces the production of lactic acid in the blood. Lactic acid impairs athletic performance by causing burning sensation during exercise. Your muscles will bolster their rate of releasing lactic acid.

    Low lactic acid levels reduce muscle stiffness and pain. If you’re an athlete or looking forward to being one, you can bounce back through float therapy.


Are you experiencing constant stress, muscle pains and lack of sleep? Float therapy will have you cured in no time.

We’ll enlighten you on this and several other health measures that can improve your health. Give us a call or bookmark our blog for regular updates.






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Top 5 Benefits Of Float Therapy

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