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Surviving Your First Year of Marriage

Surviving Your First Year of Marriage
Surviving Your First Year of Marriage

They say the first year of marriage is the most difficult! This is actually true, even if you lived together before marriage. Marriage is a deep and sometimes complex commitment that you cannot compare to other relationships. If you are looking for some helpful tips for surviving your first year of marriage, take a look at the tips below!

Essentials to Add to Your Wedding

Essentials to Add to Your Wedding
Essentials to Add to Your Wedding

With the numerous unique registry options that allow couples to request everything from a honeymoon fund to money to put toward purchasing a house or car, there are still many home essentials you can add to your list. Take a look at a list of 7 home essentials to add to your wedding registry. These necessities will help make your home more comfortable, stylish and functional for many years to come.

First Dance Songs for Your Wedding

If you are struggling to select a first dance song for your wedding and do not want to give in and dance to an over-used, cliché song, an alternative first dance song may be perfect for you. Here, find five alternative first dance songs that can make your wedding reception all you dreamed it would be.

Ideas for Wedding Gifts Your Fiancé Will Definitely Like

Choosing the best gift for your fiancé can seem like a big challenge, but there are actually a lot of awesome wedding presents your groom will definitely love. From classic and traditional to quirky and offbeat, here are a few fab ideas for wedding gifts your fiancé will surely like!

Reasons to Call Off Your Wedding

Making the decision to call off your wedding can be one of the hardest things you ever have to do. Sometimes people ignore warning signs because they are afraid of embarrassment or because they are so much in love. But it is wise to be aware of problems before getting married. Otherwise, a quick divorce or an unhappy marriage may follow. Here are a few reasons to call off your wedding.

Planning a Beautiful Fall Wedding

Fall is the most beautiful and romantic period for getting married. Winter is too cold, summer is too hot, and spring can bring some allergy problems. I think fall is the perfect time to plan a wedding. Personally I want to get married in the fall, because the weather is crisp, and the fall colors are breathtaking! If you are planning to have your wedding in the fall, here are some splendid tips for planning a beautiful fall wedding!

Things to Consider before Planning Your Wedding

Before planning your wedding, you should think about some of the most important things. These things can make your planning process much easier since they help narrow down your choices and put guidelines into place. Wedding planning is a wonderful time, but it can also be one of the most stressful times of your life. Before going around looking for a dress, a venue, decorations, and everything in between, check out a few important things to consider before planning your wedding.

Use Pinterest as a Life Tool

Are you spending your time on Pinterest valuably or just passing the time? Using Pinterest as a life tool rather than just wasting time there is a wonderful way to make some changes and inspire yourself. Check out a few fab ways to use Pinterest for something great.

Reasons to Have a Secret Wedding

There are many reasons to have a secret wedding, but unfortunately most people don’t even think about it! Getting married to the person you love is one of the most important days in your life, so you should remember why you are getting married in the first place. Here are a few reasons to have a secret wedding.

Tips for Beating the Post-Wedding Blues

Just because your wedding and honeymoon is over doesn’t mean your romance has to leave and your new reality has to stink. It was never about your wedding or your romantic getaway. It was always about your marriage. Check out a few tips for beating the post-wedding blues!

Perfect Wedding Color Combinations

Choosing wedding color combinations is one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding. A color scheme to your wedding will set the overall mood of the big day, that’s why it’s so important to choose the right wedding color scheme. Here is a list of 7 perfect wedding color combinations you may want to try.

Craziest Wedding Ideas

If you are looking for something quirky or unusual about your special day, you might have already looked into numerous themes that will make your wedding stand out. If you have not found a perfect theme yet, don’t worry! Check out some of the craziest wedding ideas!

Ways to Remember Your Wedding

Looking for some ways to remember your special day? I’ve got a list of some ideas that will help you to remember your wedding for a really long time. Depending on your personal preference you can try one or even all of them. Check out a few great ways to remember your wedding!

Tips and Tricks on Saving Money on Your Wedding

Weddings are extravagant and flamboyant because most people think that the big day would come once in their life so it must be the most unforgettable and memorable event. However, arranging a big wedding and taking the burden of debts and loans are unnecessary. Check out some tips and tricks on saving money on your wedding.

Unique Alternatives to Wedding Bouquets

If you want to add your own personal touch to your wedding day, why not make your own alternative bridal bouquet? While flowers are more acceptable to carry down the aisle, sometimes a fresh take on a traditional idea can add more interest. Check out a list of a few unique alternatives to wedding bouquets. With these unique alternatives to floral wedding bouquets you’ll keep with traditions and put your own personal stamp on your wedding day.