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Your Partner is Secretly Unhappy

Your Partner is Secretly Unhappy
Your Partner is Secretly Unhappy

Living together is not always easy and it sometimes reminds a battle field rather than a safe harbor. Each partner should be very attentive to see all the changes in the mood of their partner. Mother Nature took care for women to be more sensitive to other peoplesfeelings. At the same time men are reserved and rarely show their sentiments, so a woman may not have the faintest idea of him being unhappy. So Im going to give you some signs of mens behavior that you should not ignore.
<h3>1. He is often distracted</h3>
As soon as your man starts inventing some businesses instead of spending time with you, you should become alerted. He feels unhappy and that
s why he looks for excuses. He doesnt want you to notice anything, and talking about problems is even more undesired for him. He will watch TV while you talk, or play video\computer games with his headphones on etc. For woman communication is essential, men are different. First of all, make sure whether it was just a short period of time of his being deep in thought or such tendency became a habit already. If the last variant, it is high time for a serious talk and changes in your life.
<h3>2. He calls you not that often as before</h3>
Men and phone calls are an eternal problem, especially when it comes to dating. But we are talking about serious long-term relations of two people, and calls are still important. A man calls to know if you are okay, to learn where you are or to tell something, etc. When he stops doing so, you
ll definitely notice at once. The fact is that your partner is no more interested in you as before. He may be unhappy with you, though still loving, and it is not a comfort. So maybe you should think of how to refresh your feeling and fall in love with each other even more than before.

3. He responses only yes or no

This sign is somehow united with being distracted. When you address him and he doesnt even turn his head, or answers yes\no to your questions, something went wrong between you two. This may be another way of hiding his feeling and avoiding talks about it. All the problems can be solved when the couple is ready to sit down and talk sincerely. Dont push on him and hell open his heart to you.
<h3>4. He hangs out with friends more often than with you</h3>
You can
t make him choose between you and his friends, never do this. But you should be a priority, he lives with you, not with his friends anyway. It is good that he hangs out with friends and gets distraction from daily problems. He also is to spend time with you. If he spares more time for his friends than for you, something should be done to the problem immediately. It is a very delicate subject, you should be very careful in order not to offend him. First of all you should find out the reason. Who knows, maybe his friend is in trouble or needs moral support. Use all your inherent delicacy to talk to your partner and get the problem solved.

5. He is always talking over the phone

He talks over the phone very often but not with you. Do not panic right away. Maybe the mentioned above friend needs his help and support, or on business. That is another way of hiding from problems and avoiding the spelling things out. It is very difficult to ask why or with whom he is talking all the time, so that it wouldnt sound like accusation or jealousy. That is why you should think twice before you say or ask something. You do not want to make baseless accusation, dont you?

6. He is more quiet than usual

When your partner keeps silent you should find out whether he hides something or is upset for some reason. It is a correct sign that something goes wrong. When he is happy and in high spirits, you see it immediately. You should not leave him alone under any circumstances or excuses. Do not push but delicately try to get him talking. After you know the reason, you may think of the correct problem solving.

7. He does not want you in bed

It is a wide known fact that men think and want sex more than women. If he stops wanting it, or doesnt show any enthusiasm, there is something that disturbs him. One solution may be to break the monotony of your sexual life, try to revive your passion. If your partner does not respond to your actions, youd better reconsider your relations. Again, a sincere conversation can help you solve the misunderstanding that could pile up during the whole time you have been together.

If you suddenly recognized any of these signs in your partner, do not panic. There is no problem that cannot be solved. Your partner is unhappy? Gather all your courage and start a conversation. Do not hesitate. What if it may be too late? What are the other ways to see that?



Your Partner is Secretly Unhappy

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