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Making Ice Cream without an Ice Cream Machine

Have you ever made ice cream without an ice cream machine? Many people think that this ice cream doesn’t taste great, but it’s super creamy and delicious and very easy to make! You will need only 2 ingredients! I make this homemade ice cream every week and my family loves it very much! Here are 6 steps to make ice cream without an ice cream machine!

Skim Milk is NOT Healthy for You

Due to modern lifestyle, many people tend to use all types of packaged food available and purchase foods that say they’re low fat or fat free. Most of us have switched to skim milk because we think it is much healthier, but it is not actually healthy. Check out a few reasons skim milk is not healthy for you.

Health Benefits of Probiotics

“You are what you eat” takes on a deeper implication. University of California, Los Angeles researchers discovered the first evidence that proves bacteria in food, as well as gut bacteria, can affect human brain activity. The findings of their study appeared in the June 2013 issue of the journal Gastroenterology. This may mean that an intestinal tract that teems with good bacteria from the regular consumption of probiotics, such as yogurt products, can enhance brain function.

Foods Fit People Like to Eat

What you eat before, during and after your workout can greatly affect how well you perform. If you don’t get enough energy in your diet, you will feel very weak and tired. If you want to be fit, you need to eat fit. Check out some foods that fit people like to eat!

There’s Metal In Your Dairy Products

There's Metal In Your Dairy Products
There's Metal In Your Dairy Products

How about a side of silver with your yogurt? According to a report by the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies (PEN), your yogurt—along with 96 other food items, most of which are found in the Dairy Products —contains nano-sized particles of titanium dioxide. And that number is up from just eight foods in 2008.