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De-Stress Thanksgiving

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De-Stress Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving can be one of the most hectic holidays. The sheer amount of food your family is expecting can overwhelm even the most level-headed mom. With a few easy tricks, though, the day can go so smoothly you’ll actually have time to sit back and watch some of the game with your family.

Help Your Children Learn During Christmas

Help Your Children Learn During Christmas
Help Your Children Learn During Christmas

The Christmas period is a potential goldmine of knowledge, games and activities to keep young minds engaged and interested. Whether homeschooled or in the public system, your children can use the holidays to learn more about key subjects and reviews topics they are covering. This article offers a number of fun ideas that can enable you to share the joy of Christmas whilst enriching their understanding of the world in which they live.

Reasons I Can’t Wait for Winter

Reasons I Can’t Wait for Winter
Reasons I Can’t Wait for Winter

As fall winds down, have you thought about reasons to look forward to winter? Winter is really fast approaching and there is no way to get away from it. If you are like me, you are waiting impatiently for this time of year, every year. The warm and cozy clothes, comforting scents, frosty weather and holiday music – all these little winter things make me happy. And now I would really love to share with you a couple of my own reasons why I can’t wait for winter.

Things to Do before School Starts

With summer quickly coming to a close, there are many things you should do before you start school. Although the weather is cooling down, you should make the most of the last days of summer vacation. Here is the list of the most important things to do before school starts, keep reading…

Amazing Sale Shopping Secrets

Have you ever wondered what some of the sale shopping secrets are? Although I consider myself very organized, it seems like there’s always someone buying the last jeans in my size right before me. But now I know these amazing sale shopping secrets and want to share them with you! Keep reading…

Cupcake Revolution

Change is what makes the world go around, especially for cupcake aficionados who just can’t get enough of these ever evolving treats. Their new and creative shapes, tastes and sizes make them some of the best things that happened to sweets and their fans couldn’t agree more. Read on for a taste of the cupcake revolution.

Fun Family Weekend Activities

Weekends are happy days, especially when you spend them with your family. Make the most of your upcoming weekend, and plan something that is leisurely for the elders, fun for adults, and educative for the children. Check out a few ideas for what you can do together on a family weekend.