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First Kiss Tips

First Kiss Tips
First Kiss Tips

When you have never kissed anyone, a first kiss can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. If you are a shy girl, and you cannot tell your partner that kissing is new to you, no worries, the following tips will help you. Unless your partner is a first-time kisser too, you will not have problems at all.

1. Make sure your breath smells sweet

Okay, it goes without saying, but still many kissers forget to check their breaths right before kissing. Just because you brush your teeth in the morning does not mean your breath smells well in the afternoon, even if you eat nothing during the day.


2. Relax

Do not let your fears ruin your first kiss. You will not fail if your partner is a good kisser. If he is not, then, it is okay to fail because you two have no idea how to kiss. Stressing over the first kiss will not bring the expected results. Think about your partner and let your lips do the job for you.


3. Make sure your lips are kissable

Chances are, your boyfriend will not want to kiss your dry, cracked lips. Moreover, if you wear red lipstick, or worse, lip gloss, it will scare him away. While red lipstick can make you look confident, it is not the best shade for a first kiss.


4. Read his body language

It is crucial that the two of you want that kiss. Read his body language and let him make the first step. When you are new to kissing, making that very first step might be a mistake. If he does not want to kiss, wait until the right time.


5. Do not overdo it

French kiss is passionate, but not for the first time kissers. Start slowly. Part your lips a little and kiss his lips. Try avoid tongue actions until he wants it. The trick is to follow your partner’s action.

You might appear as a great French kisser if you relax and let him kiss you gently. Do not stick your whole tongue in his mouth, though. Otherwise, he will figure out that it is your first kiss.


6. Use your hands

While kissing your boyfriend, use your hands to boost the feelings. You can either hug him or touch his cheeks, neck or hair. You can also put your hands on the chin to take control of the kiss. Whatever you do, make sure you do not leave your hands just hanging there.


7. Smile

As soon as he sees you smile while kissing, he will forget your little kissing mistakes. Guys love to see girls smile especially while kissing. When he opens his eyes during a kiss and see you smile, he will understand that you love what he is doing.


8. Leave him dying for more

You do not have to be a perfect kisser to make a guy want more. Simply try to be the one that pulls out first. Not only will you avoid heavy tongue action that you dread, but you will also leave him dying for more.

Finally, kiss your guy in a private place to avoid awkward situations, and be honest with him. If you have never kissed – no matter your age – feel free to tell the truth. There is nothing wrong with you. If he laughs at you, say goodbye to him immediately. He does not deserve you. Well, ladies, tell us more about your first kiss.



First Kiss Tips

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