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Reasons You Are Still Single

Have you ever thought why you are still single? If you are single and cannot find love, you need to do something about it. First of all, you need to know the reason why your relationship status is still single. Read on and find out the reasons why you are still single.

Monsters under the Bed

What is fear but a series of chemical reactions inside of the human brain? For tens of thousands of years, fear has both helped and hindered mankind in a constant struggle to survive. As a parent, one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome is convincing children not to be afraid of things that are not real. An extremely common mythical monster that children ‘see’ is the classic monster under the bed. This monster can look like anything, and usually takes on a form that the individual child fears the most. What can parents do in order to convince their children that these monsters aren’t real? How can they show them how to deal with their fears?

Students Who Suffer from Testing Anxiety

Testing anxiety is a psychological condition, characterized by feelings of overwhelming dread, hypertension, self-deprecation, and other symptoms when an individual is placed in a testing situation. Testing anxiety causes students who suffer from it to underperform at a level which drastically affects their academic success. A student with testing anxiety may earn average or above average scores on all homework assignments, and yet may “fail” a course due to what appear to be uncharacteristically low scores on all quizzes, tests, and exams. Although testing anxiety is what some might consider a “blanket diagnosis” for a wide variety of symptoms, here we have made available several tried and true methods for reducing testing anxiety’s most common causes.

Empathize When You Sympathize

Have you ever had a friend or relative involved in a tragic, life-changing situation? As a friend, you may feel obligated to do or say something to help reduce your friend’s pain. One of the best things a friend can do during such a time is to produce a sympathy letter. Lets say your friend is in a car accident and has to be hospitalized for a week. There are three main steps to creating a heartfelt sympathy letter. First, sit down with a pen and paper and jot down a few praiseworthy qualities and things you like about your friend. Second, begin writing. Remember to empathize when you sympathize. Finally, finish the letter by “leaving your door open,” or otherwise assuring your friend that you are there no matter what they may need.

How to Stop Emotional Eating

We have all heard the phrase “emotional eating”, right? But what exactly does that mean? Emotional eating is eating in response to emotions and feelings rather than hunger. You might be so sad or so happy or so angry that you unconsciously allow these emotions to take control of your body and mind. Indulging in emotional eating every now and then is okay, but letting it turn into a habit is definitely dangerous. Don’t let emotional eating sabotage your weight! Here are some of the best ways to stop emotional eating.

Warning Signs of Stress

We live in a very stressful world and we are not always aware that we are working ourselves too hard. Almost everyone ignores the signs of stress they experience daily and allow it to build up until they feel like their head is going to explode. Stress affects people in different ways, but there are a few signs of stress that keep appearing.

Ways to Cope with Your Parent’s Divorce

Parent’s divorce can be very hard, even if you are not a child or a teen. It may seem like your life doesn’t make sense to you and nothing can be done to help you feel better. You may feel frustrated, angry, stressed out or sad. You may feel relieved, especially if there’s been lots of fighting or tension at home. But don’t let this rule your life! Check out a few ways to cope with your parent’s divorce.

Easy Ways to Spend Quality Time with Yourself

When you’re feeling stressed out and want to take a break from reality, you need to look into some ways to enjoy quality time with yourself. Between your family, your work and your home, often you forget to take care of yourself, and this is one of the worst things you can do. You have to take care of yourself first. Here are a few ways to enjoy some quality ‘me’ time.

Get a Photographic Memory

Everybody wants to have a good concentration level and a powerful memory. In fact, it is possible to have a photographic memory. It just takes a lot of patience and practice. So if you want to get a photographic memory, check out some tips that can help.

Visible Signs of Anxiety

Anxiety is a big problem for many people and unfortunately it isn’t always easy to spot. We can experience being anxious for numerous reasons and there are some signs to find out so you will be able to look for help or learn why you are feeling that way. Here is a list of 7 visible signs of anxiety.

How To Restore Your Confidence

How To Restore Your Confidence
How To Restore Your Confidence

Sometime, you may find yourself in the web of thoughts. At that time, you would be feeling confused to take a definite course of action to solve a problem and remain undecided for a long period. You feel unable to work out your confidence whether a particular action if you take would be successful or not. You need to restore your confidence in such circumstances. Let’s search out the way how to do it.

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第一次嬰兒浴 : 對於為第一次為自己的小孩沐浴,相信大部分父母都會份外珍惜這份回憶。這不但是個重要時刻,還是能防止有敏感肌膚嬰兒出現紅疹或其他皮膚狀況的必要步驟。作為新手父母,必須要準備好適當的用具,並保持更衣環境舒適潔淨。 以下是父母必須牢記的關鍵步驟: 準備妥當正確物資 你會需要: 一條柔軟的棉質抹身布 溫水 乾淨的毛毯或連帽浴巾 嬰兒 乳液 乾淨的尿布 事前準備工夫 關掉所有在嬰兒更衣範圍的冷氣和風扇,並確保水溫恰到好處(溫水為最合適)。在把你的小孩帶到浴室之前,請先以你的手肘檢查一下水溫是否適當。 輕柔的嬰兒沐浴法 脫去嬰兒的衣物,並用連帽浴巾包裹小孩的身體,對於要洗擦的地方,分開逐次揭開浴巾遮蓋的部位,至於包尿布位置和頭髮部分則留待最後才處理。 以乾淨的抹身布逐次洗淨不同部位,可以先從耳背開始,再下擦至頸部、手肘、膝蓋、手指和腳趾,接著清潔包尿布位置,最後輕輕揉搓清洗頭髮。在將嬰兒移至更衣間前,用毛巾包裹小孩身體並溫柔地印乾。 為稍大的嬰兒洗澡 年紀再大一點的小孩可能已經開始在使用嬰兒沐浴露。在此階段,父母應考慮使用兩條抹身布。拿一個小沐浴盤,將抹身布浸泡於已混和沐浴露的溫水當中,同時準備另一個只有溫水的無皂浴盤。用已沾上沐浴露的抹身布,根據之前同樣的步驟為嬰兒洗擦,再在溫水浴盤洗乾淨嬰兒身上的沐浴露。父母之所以要維持同樣的嬰兒洗澡步驟,是因為小孩可慢慢適應新轉變。爸媽可在特定流程中逐步加入新產品,例如是在沐浴後塗上潤膚露。即管小孩未必在首次就願意配合,但可以在輕柔的沐浴過程中慢慢習慣。   當為小孩洗澡時,父母應嚴格使用為有敏感肌膚嬰兒而設的產品,因為含有化學物質的肥皂是給予大人使用,並可刺激嬰兒皮膚和引致不適。安全環境對小孩至關重要,父母不需趕忙完成洗澡步驟。在任何情況下,爸媽都不應讓嬰兒單獨留在沐浴間,即使是數分鐘亦不可忽視。如你需要拿東西,記得帶同嬰兒一同離開浴室。儘管過程不容易,但為了加強與小孩的連繫,並令他們的肌膚獲得足夠的營養,為你的小孩一星期沐浴三次是最為理想的做法。   新手爸媽須知:第一次嬰兒浴   Translated English Version of the Post:   The Key Things...
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