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Cotton Candy Facts

You see it at carnivals, circuses and ballgames. You smell its warm sweetness wafting through the air. You remember the feel of biting into a sticky, pastel cloud and having it dissolve instantly into sweet nothings. Everyone knows what it’s like to indulge in cotton candy. Here are some things you might not know about this classic treat.

Ways to Go Shopping with Children

If you’re a mother, you know how it’s difficult sometimes to go shopping with children. Whether you’re leisurely shopping or grocery shopping, shopping with children can be really challenging. I’ve got a list of some useful tips for shopping with children that will help you to make the process go smoother.

Keep Your Children Away from Junk Food

Keep Your Children Away from Junk Food : Keeping your children away from junk food is a tough task. Nowadays junk food is advertised on TV and hoardings makes kids naturally drawn to it. But developing healthy eating habits is the responsibility of all parents, because too much indulgence in the junk food can lead to severe health problems. Check out some ways to keep your kids away from junk food.