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Overcoming Insecurity in a Relationship

Overcoming Insecurity in a Relationship
Overcoming Insecurity in a Relationship

Many of us have our insecurities about our important relationships. But if your insecurity starts affecting your relationship negatively, it’s a warning sign that you should make some serious changes in your pattern of thinking. Unfortunately, I ended some promising relationships because of my insecurity, so I decided to overcome my insecurity in another relationship. These tips help me a lot and they might help you as well.

Signs of an Insecure Man

You’re probably no stranger to insecurity. Maybe you’ve dealt with your own or someone else’s. Minor insecurity is quite normal, but it goes too far though when it controls other people. This is not uncommon in relationships that involve a person who is severely insecure. Check out 6 signs you are dating an insecure man.

Scaring Away Potential Boyfriends

If you go on a lot of first and second dates, but can’t seem to get past that point, you’re probably wondering why. It could be something you’re doing and can easily change. Here are a few ways you may be ruining potential relationships with good guys.

Types of Friends You Need in Your Life

While all of us have a small or large group of friends, there are some types of friends we need in our life. They teach us new things and balance us out. These friends can fulfill each need you could have in a friend and make you a better person. Check out 7 types of friends you need in your life.

Boyfriend Thinks He’s Better Than Other People

Being around someone who thinks they are above others is never enjoyable. They’re not shy about letting others know how and why they are better. Here are 6 signs that your boyfriend thinks he’s better than others.

Biggest Romance Killers

When you are in a long-term relationship, it’s important to know all the romance killers. Unfortunately, many couples do them without even realizing it. So if you feel the romance between you and your partner is fading, here are some biggest romance killers you should avoid.

Signs Your New Guy Is in Another Relationship

Beginning a new relationship can be exciting, and sometimes it can be difficult to see potential problems with your new partner. Red flags can be ignored in those early weeks of dating simply because you are giving him the benefit of the doubt. Men who are already in a relationship can take advantage of your good nature. Here is a list of some signals that the man you are dating might already be involved with someone else.

Signs Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Like Your Dressing Style

It may be difficult to know that your boyfriend doesn’t like your dress style, especially if he always tells you that you look amazing. This is a really hard situation, because he can’t tell you openly that you look bad in a certain dress. That’s why you need to know these signs your boyfriend doesn’t like your dressing style.

Deal with a Guy who Annoys You

For me, it’s really frustrating when a guy annoys me all the time. I can tolerate it once or even twice, but the third time I take immediate action. In fact, dealing with a guy who annoys you is quite a difficult task, but it’s possible. Read on and find out a few great ways to deal with a guy who really annoys you.

Deal with Girls Flirting with Your Boyfriend

While it can be extremely difficult for you to handle other girls flirting with your boyfriend, it’s possible to do it! Just keep in mind that girls only hit on man if he is nice, hot and all around a good guy. So take pride in your man, girls! Here are a few tips on how to deal with girls flirting with your boyfriend.

Nail Polish Colors Guys Like on Girls

Have you ever wondered if there are any particular nail polish colors guys like on girls? Many women say that it’s ridiculous to plan your life around what men love best on you. Sure, it’s true, but if you are trying to get his attention, you might be looking for all possible ways! One of the first things guys usually notice about girls when first meeting them is their hands. Check out a few nail polish colors guys like on girls!

Awesome Date Ideas

Planning dates can be really hard! That’s why I decided to compile a list of some awesome date ideas! They are all unique, all different and they will keep you and your significant other active. Read on and find out where to take your boyfriend or girlfriend!

Turn-Offs for Guys that You Might Not Even Know about

There are plenty of turn-offs for men that you might not even know about! If you think that talking about your ex-boyfriend the whole evening and being perfumed up are attractive, you are wrong! These might be the biggest turn-offs for guys! Check out a few turn-offs for men that you might not know!

Reasons Not to Be Friends with Your Ex

There are plenty of reasons why you should never stay friends with your ex. There are some situations when it’s okay if you stay on good terms with an ex, but there are also many situations when it’s actually a bad idea. The obvious one is violence. Check out a few reasons not to be friends with your former love.

Ways to Ask Your Boyfriend to Marry You

Are you wondering whether it’s okay to be the first one to propose marriage? In fact, in most relationships a woman initiates marriage talk. There are many men who are afraid of marriage, since it involves lots of practical aspects along with planning (both socially and financially), so they will bide their time even if they’re committed to the relationship. Check out a few ways to ask your boyfriend to marry you.