Safe Ways to Game While Exercising

Safe Ways to Game While Exercising
Safe Ways to Game While Exercising

Safe Ways to Game While Exercising : Playing games often requires a person to stand still for hours in front of a screen. Many of them, however, have found ways to combine their gaming habits with exercising. Because there are many ways to game today, such as mobile devices, combining gaming and exercising is easier than ever. Here, we can look at a few methods of combining the 2 activities into one.

Switching to a Handheld Platform

Handheld gaming consoles have been around for some time and it was recently, with the release of the Nintendo Switch that games, most notable triple-A titles can now be played on the go. A handheld console is a self contained gaming platform with no external connection required to run. They have built-in screens, controls, and speakers. The modern handheld gaming platform had its beginnings in the late ’80s and early ’90s, after the demise of the first handheld gaming console to use ROM cartridge, known as the Microvision. The console was known to be very delicate during the manufacturing process as well as having a very limited battery lifespan due to the backlit color LCD used.

It was the Game Boy, a product from Nintendo, with the original being released on April 21, 1989, and later released in North America that changed the handheld gaming landscape. What has made it more popular than its competitors at the time was the battery lifespan and a few select games that were popular during that period. Games like the beloved Tetris, which to this day, new versions of the game are being released. Handheld games are great from playing when relaxing in bed or during a bus ride and, more importantly, while exercising.

Using a Stationary Bike

A safe way to do some gaming while exercising is when riding a stationary bike, a safe activity that can be done indoors. This is where a handheld gaming console can be used to enjoy some gaming while at the same time exercising. While this situation may not fit mouse and keyboard users, it can be managed with a wireless controller, console gaming or the above-mentioned handheld gaming as well as a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. The type of games best played in this situation include games that do not require constant alertness like FPS games. Games like tactical or turn-based RPG games are a great choice as well as a variety of casino games that can be played online. Casino games, especially social casino games offer a more casual-like gaming experience that can be enjoyed while working out. Nintendo is known to have few exclusive casino titles on their console but does not compare with the number and variety of casino games that can be found online. On Stargames Casino, for example, players have the option to play table games found traditional casinos, including slot games and the games can either be played on a smartphone or tablet.

Switching to a Standing Desk

Often players forget about physical exercise, however, some manage to combine gaming and exercising into one. A stationary bike mentioned above can help a great deal in this matter but there is also an alternative such as a standing desk. Standing desks are usually used while working at an office job. An office job requires a person to sit for hours in front of a screen and being stationary the whole time. In this case, using a standing desk is a great way to move the body while getting some work done. Linus Torvald, the father of Linux has been shown to have a modest standing desk combined with a treadmill at home in his office, where he does most of his work. It’s a simple and practical solution for a sedentary lifestyle. Doing too much of the same thing is not good and the same can be said for sitting or standing and the best thing would be to balance the two.

While a standing desk may not help a person to lose calories, it can do wonders to the person’s posture. It has also been found that people who stand up after a meal have their blood sugar reduced to normal much faster than while sitting as well has reducing the risk for shoulder or back pain. A good thing to keep in mind is that when a certain task becomes more demanding and requires more intense motor skills, it is best to do them while seated. Lastly, when attempting to use this method, it is best to ease into it. Standing upright all day can result in the person sitting for a long time afterwards. And so, the best way to start is to keep in mind the 30/60 rule, standing for 30 minutes and sitting for 1 hour after that, and repeat.





Safe Ways to Game While Exercising


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