Remove Your Hopelessness

Have you ever thought how you would be able to remove your hopelessness when you are arrested with the chaos all-around? There is not racial or ethnic domination of hopelessness. It’s everywhere. Some time you are desperate to get rid of your problems you are facing daily on this or that account. In office, you are not able to maintain good relationship with your boss and at home, you are not able to arrange an appropriate living. Your income is less than your needs, your job is not satisfactory or you are not leading a happy life due to differences with your spouse. Your children are getting out of control and your expenses too. Your health is not good. There are such many reasons which may make you disappointed. The accelerated pace of change in today’s world can be overwhelming. We feel helplessness. Helplessness induces hopelessness, and history attests that loss of hope and not loss of lives is what decides the issue of war. But there is a hope to survive. You know! The way to cope lies in our hearts.
Today’s world is reaching a crisis point, and while many of our social structures are still intact for this moment, there will come a time when major changes may need to occur in the way we are living our lives on a day-to-day basis. This bold statement is shared not to create alarm and fear; but rather to awaken a sense of responsibility within all of us. This awakening has already begun, and most people are now aware that our current way of life is causing harm to the Earth. The question now for many of us is what can I do? Our lives are already chockfull of challenges. Just managing the day-to-day realities of life is for many of us a full time job. The growing complexities of life that have developed from the accelerated pace of change can at times feel overwhelming. We hear news reports of natural disasters, wars, poverty, disease, environmental pollution, and seemingly endless number of new challenges the amount of over-whelm can cause us to ourselves, and shut ourselves off from the realities that are happening around us.

How then do we help our struggling world? What can we do? The answer to this question lies within our hearts, and is much bigger and more important than we may realize. There are certain obvious things that we can do on a daily basis to conserve energy, recycle, and be more environmentally conscious. Thankfully, more people are stepping up and creating change in their daily habits in this way. This helps a great deal towards beginning to reverse the cycle of abuse to the Earth and lack of respect for her resources. There is a larger change that needs to happen however, that is at the root of the world’s problems. It is one that we all participate in unless we choose not to, and this has to do with our consciousness. Consciousness? How can that affect the world situation? You may be wondering just how changing our awareness can effect things. Isn’t that in the realm of the metaphysical, for people who wear robes and chant and do strange spiritual practices? Our consciousness affects the world we live in, whether we are aware of it or not. The thoughts and energy we put into the world have an impact, and our consciousness creates the actions and choices we make on a daily basis.

Just how did the world get into the state that it is in now? It all started with where that it is in now? It all started with where our collective consciousness has been. Humanity has been involved in developing our individuality, and in experiencing the world of physical reality without much attention to the larger whole of which we are a part. This was a necessary step in our evolution, but now times have changed. We’ve gone as far as we can in developing our individuality and unique identities. Unfortunately, as we’ve explored our individuality, we have made choices that do not take into account the affects that our actions have on the larger whole. We’ve chosen to use energy resources that are finite, and cause pollution. We’ve chosen farming practices that remove essential ingredients from our food, in favour of mass production. The lack of nutrients from our food has increased health problems, but our healing practices have attempted to fix the symptoms without addressing the root causes. We’ve chosen to pursue individual wealth that brings prosperity to us and our families, but leaves the majority of humankind suffering in poverty and starvation.

All of these challenges we now face started with a consciousness that had forgotten our essential connections to the larger whole of life. We are divine beings that entered into physical reality in order to learn, and now at this crucial time in the evolution of humanity, we are beginning to learn how to reconnect with ourselves, with each other, and with the Earth. We are beginning to learn that our thoughts create our reality, and that what we think and feel matters as much as what we do. One of the great spiritual truths shared with us by all spiritual teachers and religions is that we are all connected. We are a part of God, who lives within us. In the same way, all others in our world are equally a part of God, and are an essential part of the essential whole of life. Therefore, if we harm another; we ultimately harm ourselves. If we prevent others from receiving what they need, we limit our selves because we are constricting the free flow of God’s light and life force.

These concepts are not new, but they have been mostly in the background of human consciousness, which up until this point was focused on pursuing more individualized goals. Times have changed, and now the only solution that can be found to the problems of today’s world is to work together, and to reconnect us with our divine eternal nature as souls. When we are no longer separated from the divine source of all light and love, our relationship with ourselves and with others changes. We are no longer alone, seeking to get our needs met, and competing with others who all are trying to get their needs met. Instead, we go within to connect with our hearts, to understand who we are, and what our purpose is for being on the earth at this time. Each soul is present on the Earth for a reason, and when we discover and fulfil that purpose, our life makes a positive contribution to the world and in the process our own needs are met and fulfilled.

When we realize that our consciousness matters and has an impact on others, we take responsibility for our thoughts as well as our actions. Are you holding a grudge towards someone in your life? With an awakened consciousness, you realize that holding on to this grudge is creating a blockage in the free flow of light and love in your life, and you take steps to heal this pain you are carrying. You may not be able to let go of the pain right away, but your intention to let go, rather than to hold on, opens up the energy of healing. In the larger network of human consciousness, you’ve just created a small pocket of light and love, which enters the atmosphere of the Earth and strengthens the love and light present in the world. This small pocket is like a candle, which lights other candles that it comes into contact with.

On the other hand, if you choose to hold on to your anger, blame, judgment and so on, the emotions you are holding on to contribute to the cloud of negative energy that is present around the Earth during this time. You feel entitled to be angry, and refuse to budge. You may even act out your feelings and create disharmony or even harm to others. In this way your choice contributes to this very same energy pattern which is prevalent in
so many of today’s world conflicts and wars. Anger, blame, judgment, entitlement, and the unwillingness to compromise are all fed by the daily thoughts and feelings of others.

You need to correct yourself. You can remove your hopelessness by redirecting yourself to the right direction.

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