How To Reinvent Your Dreams

Don’t let life’s disappointments crush your ability to reach your goals. Take a deep breath and have the strength to give birth to a new blueprint to reinvent your dreams.

Dream Big
Don’t let life’s disappointments crush your ability to reach your goals. Take a deep breath and grab the strength to give birth to a new blueprint and reinvent your dreams.

Reassess Your Path
Grab a pen and a sheet of paper and start mapping out the direction your life is headed. Take an honest look at the path that you’ve laid so far. Go over the streets you’ve journeyed down, the road bumps and the unexpected potholes. Now take a moment to create some detours and carve out a new path to get you headed in your newly desired direction.

Find What Nourishes You
What adds strength to your life and what makes your heart sing? Your new dreams should bring fulfillment and fuel to your soul. Tackle something new and gather some new experiences. Carve out a season of time to learn more about who you are and what brings delight to your heart of hearts.

Begin With The End
Think about what you ultimately want to be remembered for. What’s the legacy you wish to leave behind? It may sound creepy but some people even suggest writing out your eulogy as a way to search your heart for who and what’s most important. This will help you reprioritize your life and allow you to begin putting first the things that matter most.

Craft A Mission Statement
What on earth are you doing? Clarify what you stand for and sum this up in a few sentences. Revisit this often and update as needed. As your dreams continue to unfold and the vision for your life becomes more clear, make a habit of writing it down.

Change Your Words
Words are powerful. Watch what you’re saying and the life you’re building with your mouth. The Bible reminds us that death and life are released through the power of the tongue. If you want to give new life to your dreams start with your speech.

Manage Your Finances
Endless debt can become paralyzing. Work to get your financial house in order as you pursue your new found dreams. Make a financial plan to pay off student loans, an outstanding mortgage or major credit card bills. Financial freedom will make acheiving your dreams that much sweeter.

Embrace Change
Get ready for a few twists and turns, change is inevitable. The more open you are to accept uncertainty and shifts the more ready you will be to walk along the adventurous journey of reinventing your dreams and redefining the new you.



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