How Not to Lose Your Fitness Mojo

How Not to Lose Your Fitness Mojo
How Not to Lose Your Fitness Mojo

How Not to Lose Your Fitness Mojo : You decided that enough was enough after looking at yourself in the mirror and not being happy with the number on those rotten scales. Sadly, the reason that the majority of your clothes became tight wasn’t because of the wash, no matter how many times you tried to convince yourself.

That was when you decided to take action and sign up for a gym membership, invest in some fitness equipment and say no to fatty foods in favour of nutritious greens. After a few weeks you noticed a difference, but now progress has slowed up and your motivation has taken a hit.

So many give up at this point because their initial quick success has plateaued, but this is where the hard work truly starts. Don’t settle for the sofa and wait for the fat you have worked so hard to burn off creep back up on you. You need to re-find your mojo.

Losing Motivation

There are many reasons why you might lose your motivation for your new healthy lifestyle. It could be that you have become disheartened feeling as though you are not making the progress you want, or that your change in lifestyle wasn’t a realistic one.

Quite simply, crash diets do not work. The best change you can make to your lifestyle is a realistic, long-term one that you can commit to. If you do not exercise regularly, work your way up to four or five gym sessions a week if that is your goal by starting with two, rather than going from one extreme to another and expecting it to stick.

Staying Motivated

Small, manageable goals are the way to go! Set an end goal, but also reward yourself for hitting milestones along the way. For example, if your goal is to lose 20 pounds, set milestones of five pounds to keep motivated. This way, you remain in sight of the next milestone, without ever feeling you are a million miles away.

Rewarding yourself, and knowing when to cut yourself some slack, are highly important. Sometimes, you might not be able to make the gym for whatever reason. You may just want to stay in bed for an extra hour rather than getting up at the crack of dawn to hit the gym before work – it’s okay. Just make sure to make up for it and stick to your next session.

Missing one workout is fine, but do not allow one to turn into two or three.

Personal Trainer

If you aren’t the self-motivated fitness fanatic you wish you were, one on one sessions could make for a smart way to stay motivated. By doing this, you have someone that is there to keep you on your toes, encouraging you to achieve your goals and working with you every step of the way.

If you live in a suburb of a big city, finding the time to train can be difficult. That’s one of the reasons why this fitness studio in Islington offers personal training sessions to its members, so as their workouts can work around their hectic schedule.

A good personal trainer will make you feel your best and keep you motivated, rather than put you down. Everyone has their own fitness journey and unique goals, and they will understand that and support you all the way.

Enjoy Your Workout

Enjoy Your Workout
Enjoy Your Workout

Finally, the best way to ensure that you do not lose your fitness mojo is to enjoy your workout. If you feel that you are going to the gym or running around for the sake of it without actually enjoying it, the chances are that you aren’t going to keep to your new lifestyle.

Mix up your routine and take part in a wide range of classes. Not only will it keep your fitness routine fresh and enjoyable, but it will also help to train other parts of your body.

When you look forward to your workout and genuinely enjoy your new routine, your mojo has a better chance of staying!






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How Not to Lose Your Fitness Mojo

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