Give Up Your Worries

Give Up Your Worries

With our friends, our close relatives and many other persons, we mention very frequently that to ensure happy living, one must not have any worry. This is the most important value we do have amongst those multiple values we wish to lead our life with. But we do not tend to give up our worries very easily. We are helpless, perhaps ignorant too because we do not try to go beyond that point where our worries start. Once they take form, we start to concentrate all of our resources around them for finding solution but not making check-points that they should not come up ever.
Now, there is a solution within your reach for ensuring happy living, for ensuring worry-less living. How? Very easy. You may have a re-look upon your worries whether they have erupted from the matters you have concern. To be concerned is one thing and to worry about is something different. When you worry, your psychological worries start multiplying themselves making you inwardly tiring and exhausted soon. The sheen of your resources get weak and your problems become bigger than their actual dimensions. No fun, be serious. If you redefine your worry to be a matter of your concern, you will evoke your love energy to concentrate for the solution and make you more alive.
Whenever you make something a matter of your concern, you may have to make choice if that matter which needs some solution/settlement is within your power/approach or not, whether that can be solved/settled with a little push-up from other source if required and what are the limits you have. If that matter is beyond your all limits and resources, you may give up your worries because you did not create the worry yourself. Some bad element has created them and that will finish in course of time if you continue your smiles.
You will be surprised to know that here in our society, there are some persons who are not able to live a smooth life because their successes are so enormous that they do not have time to live their own life smoothly. Every time, they get an opportunity to run after just to keep their momentum on, they worry if they miss the bus, they may not reach to the destination and every time, their destination points get farther. Whatever they do, they attempt with full zeal and get success. Their successes are the sum of their worries. They do take on every opportunity to gain success and in this run, they get restless. Apparently, it is good that they take it a matter of concern but that is not good for their health too. They need to ensure a balance between their actual requirements and the opportunities available. The limit of their greed can settle it.
The series of their successes cheats them of their time required for their own life. They need to classify the matters of their worries – the matters upon which they can attempt upon and make change, and the matters beyond their reach. For example, aging factor. They can not do anything, with the time, they would get older and older and one day, their physical machine may break down. They can keep their efficiency tuned up for some time through extra energy doses and cosmetic treatment but that is not the permanent solution and that too would be against the nature’s decaying principle. Simply, we can not go beyond. Where they can attempt to change, they must act as and when there is an opportunity to do so, not worrying in advance. They may have a schedule to work on.
On the other hand, some people do not have sufficient opportunities even to make for their minimal livelihood. Why so? It is a matter of concern for the society as a whole. For the individuals who do not count themselves successful need to rethink why they are not successful. A review of their resources vis their targets can open their eyes. Perhaps they may need a little push up from an outer source. If they feel that the little push-up from an outer source is not possible or that is beyond their reach, they may modify their target to bring within their reach instead of just worrying about.
Those who worry, whether they are successful or not successful, keep themselves in the state of feeling insecurity, anxiety, fear and many other psychological self-inquiries to put their inner being in disorder as reaction to their worries. Why so? You need to feel concern with the problem. If you have got children, you need to love them. It is their right to claim love and care from you. If you have got parents with you, you need to take care for them because when you were in your childhood, they had brought up you to the present stage. If you are parents, your children owe this duty naturally. If sometime they do not perform their duty perfectly, you do not need to worry because somewhere you had missed something which made them irresponsible to some extent. You may get another opportunity to make them repent.  But do not crush your present with the worry on such subject.
If you are engaged somewhere, you need to have concern with your engagement. You are going to your office, you need to go there with all the love, not the hate. If your boss is rude, you need to find out the reasons and assess what you will do if you are boss to some one else in the same circumstances. If you are at home, you need to make your home happier. It is your concern not the worry.
You need to have trust upon yourself. Trust that existence cares for you, loves you and is coaching you in different ways. Here again, success and failure both are not the features to be worried about. Success is not the end of your fulfillment. One success creates the need of another success. One failure requires you to turn around the table. You get involved in action and reaction process. That does not mean you should always worry. It is simply a process you need to continue. Your brain is always working to lead you to fulfillment. The day your brain finds your capacity exhausted and you got fulfillment, it stops to work and you are declared as expired. Therefore, you should not worry for your success and your failure – just go through the working of your brain and you will find the way out. If you worry yourself, it will create pressure upon your brain to put in energy diverted from the main subject. This way, you are suggested to give up your worries to ensure happy living.

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