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These are the questions what the people generally make formally or informally to the friends, relatives, specialists or the experienced ones and the answers given are also some sort of hear-say. I would welcome if they are added and/or attributed authentically. Further, none should rely on information provided here for health problems. Any questions regarding health should be addressed to own physician or other healthcare provider.

Question No.1: Can taking soup help me lose weight?
Ans.: A recent study demonstrated that those who took soup every day for a year lost 50% more weight than those who didn’t.

Question No.2: How can I avoid urinary tract infections?
Ans.: You may drink plenty of water, don’t let your bladder get too full and take showers instead of baths. After urinating, wipe from front to back to avoid contamination from the rectum.

Question No.3: Will eating sweets help me live longer?
Ans.: A Harvard study found that people who indulged in sweets a few times a month—including dark chocolate—added almost a year to their lifespan.

Question No.4: How do I choose the best fish oil?
Ans.: 1) Look for soft gels or oil with about 1 gram of combined DHA and EPA. 2) Store opened bottles in the fridge. 3) Look for pharmaceutical grade fish oil. it costs more, but it’s worth it.

Question No.5: How much vitamin C is too much?
Ans.: An analysis of 19 vitamin C studies revealed that those who consumed more than 400 IU of vitamin C per day were 10% more likely to die. Experts agree that 22.5 IUs per day is beneficial.

Question No.6: What can I do about diabetes-related nerve pain?
Ans.: University of Utah research has shown that losing even a little weight may actually regenerate small nerves in hands and feet, easing chronic nerve pain. After 1 year, pain disappeared in 22 out of 32 people who lost 7% of their body weight.

Question No.7: What’s the difference between the pain of a heart attack and gas pain?
If a pain or discomfort lasts just a few seconds, it is unlikely to be heart related. It is most likely a gas pocket. Pain worthy of attention usually comes on gradually and lasts at least several minutes.

Question No.8:
How much difference can vinegar make in my blood sugar levels?
2 tablespoons of vinegar just before a high-carb meal has an effect similar to blood-sugar-lowering medications. The easiest way to get your shot of vinegar is on a salad, add olive oil, garlic and other herbs to make a delectable dressing.

Question No.9: what’s the difference in fat cells between thin people and fat people?
The difference is not the number of the cells. The fat globules within each cell increase as you store more fat.

Question No.10: Is it harmful to take too many antacids?
Ans.: Minor side effects of antacid overuse may include constipation or diarrhea. Large amounts of calcium carbonate antacids can affect the balance of calcium and acid in the body and lead to kidney damage. Occasionally, even daily use of antacids is generally considered safe.


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