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These are the questions what the people generally make formally or informally to the friends, relatives, specialists or the experienced ones and the answers given are also some sort of hear-say. I would welcome if they are added and/or attributed authentically. Further, none should rely on information provided here for health problems. Any questions regarding health should be addressed to own physician or other healthcare provider.

Question No.1:
Why should I take fig?
Ans.: Figs are very high in calcium. Only six figs supply 15% of your RDA of calcium.

Question No.2: How much calcium is necessary?
Ans.: The following is the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for calcium:
Age 0 to 6 months: 210 mg
Age 7 months to 1 year: 270 mg
Age 1 to 3 years: 500 mg
Age 4 to 8 years: 800 mg
Age 9 to 18 years: 1300 mg
Age 19 – 50 years: 1000 mg
Over Age 51 years: 1200 mg
Under Age 19: 1300 mg
Age 19 and Over: 1000 mg
Lactating Under Age 19: 1300 mg
Age 19 and Over: 1000 mg
Age 9 to 18 years: 1300 mg
Age 19 – 50 years: 1000 mg
Over Age 51 years: 1200 mg

Question No.3: What works best for back pain: physical therapy of acupressure or acupuncture?
Ans.: A study of 77 back pain sufferers who used physical therapy methods and 69 who used acupressure revealed that the acupressure group reported feeling significantly less pain than the physical therapy group after 4 weeks and a 6-month follow-up.

Question No.4: How does my weight affect my cancer risk?
Ans.: A large study found that 50 to 71-year-old women who were just slightly overweight increased their odds of developing colon cancer by 29%, compared to their leaner peers.

Question No.5:
What has more antioxidant power, green tea or dried figs?
Ans.: Dried figs and prunes have been shown to increase anti-toxidant capacity by 9% that is more than double the increase seen in a cup of green tea.

Question No.6:
What can I take for sore muscles after a workout?
Ans.: Try tart cherry juice. It helps sore muscles recover due to its high level of anthocyanins —Antioxidants that help repair tissue damage.

Question No.7:
Why should I choose spinach or romaine lettuce over iceberg lettuce for my salad?
Ans.:Spinach, romaine and other dark, leafy greens have more folate, more lutein and more vitamin than iceberg lettuce.

Question No.8: What is an alternative to drinking water? It gets boring.
Ans.: Try drinking fruit juice or caffeine-free sports beverages. Dilute them with water or club soda to cut down on sugar and extra calories.

Question No.9.:
How much exercise does it take to sole a pound of weight?
Ans.: To lose 1lb. Per week, you need to either cut out or burn off 500 calories per day. 1 pound = 3,500 calories.

Question No.10:
What is the “longevity molecule”?
Ans. : Resveratrol, the molecule found in frappes, red wine and peanuts, has been shown to possess life extending properties. Resveratrol extended life in roundworms, fruit flies, even human cells. Mice lived 30% longer.


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