For Your Well-Being

Mental Tension : Cell Phone and Your Relationships

Do you want to build better relationships? Consider taking a break from your cell phone.

Regular cell phone users experience more spillover between work and family life, a recent study concluded. This spillover in turn was associated with higher levels of distress and lower levels of family satisfaction. Resist the urge to answer work calls at home and designate a few cell-phone free nights each week to foster a happier home life.

Cell phones provide a convenient means to reach almost anyone, anywhere, at any time, but new research suggests this ease of access may exact a toll on your mental health. Calls from a spouse while at work, calls from a supervisor on weekends, or calls from a co-worker at dinnertime can blur the lines between work time and family time. Make a pact with everyone in your home to have a few cell-phone free nights each week to enjoy each other’s company without interruption.

Taking care of your emotional health and well-being can make your age up to 16 years younger.


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