Food Dye In Your Pickles

Food Dye In Your Pickles
Food Dye In Your Pickles

Food Dye In Your Pickles : The fact that there’s dye in certain foods couldn’t be more obvious—that neon orange shade of your mac & cheese definitely didn’t come from Mother Nature. But you might be surprised at some of the other places where artificial food colors (AFCs) turn up, according to a new study published in Clinical Pediatrics.

Food Dye In Your Pickles

Researchers from Purdue University set out to document the amounts of AFCs in everyday eats by testing foods purchased from grocery stores, movie theaters, amusement parks, and ice cream shops. They found dyes in the usual suspects like sugary cereals and convenience store slushies, but also in some unexpected places: Red #40 is often added to cherry pie fillings to make for an even brighter filling, yellow dye is added to some baked goods to make them look like they contain eggs, white icings contain artificial colors, and even pickles pack yellow and blue dyes to make the product look greener. “I was also surprised to find blue dye in some white marshmallows and red dye in certain strawberry milks, but no strawberries,” says Laura Stevens, lead study author and researcher at Purdue.

So are these dyes harmful to your health? Some research suggests that children show behavioral changes after consuming high levels of dye, but according to the FDA, AFCs are safe for most people. Still, if you’re concerned about artificial additives in your food, be sure to read the label carefully, even on products where you wouldn’t think to check for dyes.



Food Dye In Your Pickles

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