Does Alcohol Make You Fat? Facts About Drinking

Does Alcohol Make You Fat? Facts About Drinking

Does Alcohol Make You Fat? Facts About Drinking : Every day we come across several articles and blogs on how dangerous alcohol is and how and why should you quick it as soon as possible yet we don’t pay much heed to this topic and continue drinking. You see, alcohol consumption is never the main problem, the main problem is the amount you consume, the timing of consumption and alcohol becoming a daily habit for you.

On a serious note, having a glass of wine with dinner won’t tip the scale but then there are some people who become proper alcohol addicts, and they just cannot stop drinking until they feel like vomiting.

One common question that is surfing on the internet nowadays is that can alcohol make you fat? And well surprise some people out there have the ability to say that no it doesn’t, and it’s healthy especially if you are on a diet. Now, this is where we need to clear this misconception of people, first, alcohol is never healthy and second, yes, alcohol can mess up with your diet in ways that you cannot even imagine.

Here are a few facts that justify why booze is bad for you if you are obese or overweight;

  1. Drinking makes you hungry

    What’s the worst thing that can happen to someone who is on a “diet”? Obviously, it’s the increasing hunger and cravings for junk food that is the worst and the hardest part to cover. Now, this is where alcohol makes it more difficult for someone to follow a diet, it makes you feel more hungry. Alcohol makes us want to eat more and it can never satisfy our appetite like food does. In short, you are just having some real extra calories if you are adding a glass of wine with your salad bowl. You can say that alcohol and weight loss can never be on the same line!

  2. Drunk eating is always a bad idea

    We said it before, and we’ll say it again, drinking a glass is not the issue, not being able to stop drinking is where the issue lies. Now, if you are drunk and on top of it if you are having dinner or lunch then things can get pretty bad for you. Drunk eating is never a good idea because you don’t have any self-control and even if it’s a whole pizza, you might end up finishing it all alone and not remembering it in the morning when you are sober. Again, it’s just bad bad bad for your waistline.

  3. It can cause a fatty liver

    Alcohol no doubt destroys the organs inside your body and disturbs all the functioning. Especially if you are a heavy drinker, then there are high chances that you have a fatty liver because your liver is not able to filter the toxins and other harmful substances from the food and the drinks you consume. Ultimately, your body starts storing fats, and the filtration process slows down which means more and more toxins start residing in your body. All of this can slow down your metabolism too, and that’s where obesity jumps in.



These are just a few facts that justify why alcohol consumption is bad for you. Now, no matter what you read or what you hear, just don’t drink and if you really feel the need to then make sure you are not exceeding more than a glass.


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Does Alcohol Make You Fat? Facts About Drinking

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