Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 83)

Moving a few steps today in right direction can take you miles ahead tomorrow. Have you ever felt that when a particular person decides to walk towards the exit door of your team, that person is so missed by whole of the team as opposed to the rest who had quit in the past? The rest were expendable while that person was indispensable. Usually it is said that nobody is indispensable. No, it does not ring correct every time and every where. Even today, several persons are there who continue to hone up their skills during current turbulent times, in order to gain an edge over the rest and prove their real worth. Kindly review yourself if you are one of them. If not, why not? If not, your efforts how you can become indispensable would be an important step in right direction if you take step today and today only to accomplish your dreams.

Have you ever gone through the achievements of the celebrities of yesterday and today? Did you notice anything particular which keeps them in a class apart? These celebrities are task masters, highly efficient crisis managers, solution oriented, keeping themselves accountable, loyal to their professions and highly proactive “Can Do” individuals who are one of a kind and irreplaceable. Simply defined, they are indispensable, principles of their working are indispensable, irrespective of the fact whether they are alive or not.

Who is an indispensable personality? You could be one if you are high flying performer, dependable, self motivated, most importantly entrepreneurial in your approach towards work. You may need to work diligently, score high on your appraisal and be depended upon for any critical assignment in your professional capacity or social environment. If all the members of your team are put on a scale from 1 to 10, and you are put between the range of 7 to 10 on account of your performance, in any capacity, you can be termed as “Indispensable”. This quality is required for the raise of your income, job potentials, social status and your self satisfaction too.

Before you proceed on to Accomplish Your Dream of becoming indispensable, you must ask yourself if you are quality oriented and have an eye for details? Are your aspirations aligned with the organizational goals? Are you a best fit with the organizational culture? If you answer “yes” to these questions, you can consider yourself to belong to such category of the persons who are good in their work, prompt; goal oriented and do not have any behavioural issues and gradually win confidence of all managers, leaders and people around. The team starts relying on such people by delegating more responsibilities. One time can come when you can be treated as sole owner of the responsibility and become indispensable for the team – it does not matter in which tier you are there at present.

Experts opine that the real indispensability of a person is tested during tough times. It matters how he reacts, coordinates his working, readjusts with the changed circumstances of the organization, remains productive apart from the assignments given during the normal time and comes forward in solution of the problems coming up suddenly, behaves in balanced way during dire circumstances, and stays on in the team/organization in spite of all the odds happening beyond control or does not leave the team in lurch when the leaders might be counting on their most bankable associates. After crisis is over, such persons are suitably rewarded. During good times, that person is similarly rewarded distinctly to motivate for better performance and staying on with the team.

It has been seen that the indispensable personality proves the worth by going beyond the call of the duty to turn the tide to increase the revenue/clients/followers and inspire the associates to commit themselves to the common cause with more sincerity and without hesitation.

As you are aware, tough times present tougher roles. How you as indispensable member of your team can add up value to your organization during tough times is more important.

  1. You can lead by example. Strive hard to achieve your functional targets or to teach closer to the same during turbulent times.
  2. You continue to remain loyal to the organization because at such times, your real worth will come on the scene.
  3. You must be willing to work on a new job profile and are ready to put more than normal hours to work more without expectation of any immediate compensation/reward for extra work or extra time.
  4. You need to understand the business and capitalize on market opportunities on global level.
  5. You must make yourself responsible for directly impacting the business and get a grip on the levers that influence business.
  6. You may have to be first mover and take initiative.
  7. You may help the team perform better and influence them with exceptional commitment and integrity at your own.

It is made clear that indispensability is not the quality which can be groomed up in a B-School or it is God-gifted. It is you who can identify it within yourself to hone up and make yourself a star – you can do and accomplish your dream since it ensures complete control over your working.

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