Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 81)

So far I could not meet anyone in this world, who did not or does not have any dream. It may be possible that due to frustration, tiredness or due to any other personal reason, someone may declare in your presence that he does not have any ambitious wish to fulfill but take it sure that as soon as some favorable circumstances come forth, his hidden desires would come up definitely. Our dreams are the core of our life. Those persons, who have passion about their dreams, create a purpose for their existence. They continue to work towards their targets – it can be possible that their working is not visible to you or they are giving some breaks in-between to change the circumstances in their favor.

A dream gains its worth when it is accomplished. When you have a dream, it remains within you. But when you work hard to accomplish it, then it comes to its real sense. Dreams teach you to look forward in life. Although everyone desires to accomplish his dreams, fulfilling the dreams is not an easy task. It is also not impossible if your dreams are based on ground realities.

Why is it so difficult to fulfill your dreams? This is because of the simple reason that people do not work hard enough to accomplish their dreams. To accomplish your dreams it is important to follow them with full conviction in letter and spirit. If you do not take your dreams, they would simply get out of your reach. But if you remember your dreams and follow them in letter and spirit, accomplishing your dreams may not be that difficult. As you follow your dreams, you tend to become a more competent person. You realize your worth and potential. This gradually makes you a better person. You also tend to become a happy person. People get a sparkle in their eyes because they have a dream they know would be accomplished soon.

When you cease to follow your own dreams, you would definitely become a plant that is locked up in a room with closed doors and no windows. Without air, water and sunlight, you would start dying and your hope to live would also diminish. When you cease to follow your dreams because you feel it is difficult to accomplish it, you may tend to develop a kind of phobia about the dreams. You may lose hope and feel that there is no point running after a dream that cannot be fulfilled. No, you must be careful as your dreams are core of your life

You can follow and accomplish your dream only when you feel that you can work hard enough for it. As the dream does not lie in the comfort area, it seems out of reach. Following your dreams needs sincere efforts and willingness to change. While pursuing your dream, you may feel a little uncomfortable in the beginning but the passion for your dreams keeps the hope alive. Following your dreams is not easy but it is worth the effort. Initially, you may experience certain uncertainties and fears but that is a normal process. You should focus on the dream rather than thinking about the fear. Do not let go of the happiness that will come with the accomplishment of your dreams.

Dream Interpretation

A person generally sees two types of dreams – dreams of what you aim at and dreams of your imaginations, recollection of past happenings and some time, they denote something to happen. Here, I am putting up some views about the dreams being seen during sleep.

What do your dreams mean? This hasn’t been clearly answered by science yet. It is possible that they are a way to exercise the brain and keep it functioning efficiently. Some scientists theorize that dreaming is a way to categorize and “file away” things that weren’t sufficiently dealt with during the day. This would explain why daily events so often become a part of that nights-dream.

Kindly consider that your dreams are going to be the base of real life….Every time when we dream of images, people who are close to us or strangers at time, building, etc. that puzzle and amaze us. Ever wonder why we dream. It is no accident that one third of our lives spend in sleep and that much of this in dreams sleep. This is a major part of our lives and it is clear that sleep is not just about giving body much needed time to relax, rest but about providing us with the opportunity to dream. Even during your sleep, your brain continues to work. If you have difficulty in recalling your dreams, write down your mood on waking and any special thing that might happen in your dream which you can remember. Some time, we come across very complex type of dreams and get impatient to solve the puzzle they left upon you to solve. We may try to interpret our dreams. Each of us has a set of personal symbols that grow out of our life experiences. Most of our dreams arise from our personal experiences and imaginations.

Dreaming seems to be necessary. In experiments, people have been prevented from dreaming by being woken up whenever they started, as evidenced by their REM or “rapid eye movement,” which accompanies dreaming. This seems to cause mental distress, although this was often shown in nothing more than increased attempts to dream. Those woken an equal number of times, but randomly, didn’t seem to suffer as much.

We may need to dream, but we don’t know why, and we could argue endlessly about the meaning of the content of our dreams. However, despite this essential ignorance about what dreams mean, we do know that there are ways we can use our dreams. You may occasionally remember a dream you had that was better than most movies you’ve seen. Sometimes you may not even want to wake up from a dream, because it is so enjoyable. Perhaps you wish you could have more dreams like these. You can, by waking up in the dream, and taking control. Want to fly over that lake? Or join that party? You can direct your dream if you know that you are in a dream. That is the idea behind lucid dreaming.

Does it work? Many swear that they regularly are conscious and in control during their dreams. I have had more than one dream where I argued with someone that we were in a dream (and of course proved it by waking up). Without getting into an argument about what consciousness is, it is still easy to see how much fun such “controlled dreams” might be.

One common way to induce lucid dreams is to have a “trigger” that reminds you that you are dreaming. This trigger can be any common object you’re likely to see in a dream. If you choose a clock, for example, then whenever you see one, you say “I am dreaming right now and can do what I want.” Once this is habit, you are likely to say it when you see a clock in a dream, thus “waking yourself up” to the fact that you’re dreaming. Then you can take control and have some fun.

These techniques are not yet scientifically “proven.” However, having had lucid dreams, I can say that they are at least entertaining. Also, having used numerous techniques to get good ideas from dreams – and always with more success than when I do nothing – I am convinced that there is some value in this playing with our dreams, whether or not we ever completely understand what dreams mean.

You know! Dreaming has many purposes. Many times, they work to clarify problems, How? You may do some mental work in the area you want ideas or a solution. Think about it, write some notes down, and consider some solutions. This work signals the brain that the topic or problem is important, so it will continue to work on it below consciousness. You can turn off the alarm clock. If you wake up naturally, you are more likely to remember your dreams. You may keep a recording device or a pen and paper next to your bed. Note any ideas you have if you wake up in the night, and especially when you first wake up in the morning. For getting a clear message of your dreams, you may study them if they are not relating to fantasies. For that, you may lay still when you first wake up, and review your dreams. This process “sets” them in your mind, so you won’t forget them as easily. You can think back on them later, to search for any useful ideas.

Your dreams may reveal true feelings about others, take pressure off when times are tough, develop creativity, rehears future events to make them successful and inspire you to take up initiative or unlock some complexities. Some time, they provide you clues also for new openings. Your relationships with the people in your life are crucial. Family, friends, lover and colleagues all play a role in bringing breadth and depth to your life. Dreams reveal what is happening below the surface and allow you to go beyond superficial ties to the roots of your connection with others. Dreams can also remind you to those who are important to you and can nudge you to make contact again. Relationships take us to the limits our emotional range, from great joy to utter despair, and they can bring us into contact with the finality of death. In short, dream will give you guidance on ways to ease the pain.

A dream of a teacher may indicate new learning for you as if we are aspiring to join some organization where we may learn something. Likewise, a dream of mother: Mother means everything for a child, whenever your mother appears in your dream, there is some connection as if you are in need of mothering. Perhaps, you need to be looked after and cared for, or you are over-controlling or over-protective or you are burdened by your responsibility as a mother?

If your father appears in your dreams, your attention comes up over your bond with your father’s relationship with you. Relationships with fathers are highly significant. Fathers symbolize authority and protection. Whether you grew up with your biological father, a stepfather or a father figure, you will have been influenced by the nature of your bond. As you grow up you learn that your parents are not perfect and in dreams this awareness may come as a shock. If you dream that your father comes back to home to live with you and he was smiling and always happy. This dream makes up for what you lack. Your father is not living with you and you lack his association.

Appearance of your sister in your dreams may provoke you if she is already living with you. Because sisters in dreams may refer to rivalry or competition. When I was young, I dreamed that my sister was in my class at school and I got really angry. If you have similar dreams, it my means that you are still trying to resolve issues from your past or that there is a current relationship that has similar conflicts. Sometime, you do not feel comfortable to express openly your cordial relationship with your sister due to gender-based feelings of your parents or due to some other reason; your sister may come up in your dreams. If your sister is staying at some boarding school far away from you, it may mean that you miss her and wish to meet but you are not able to tell your wish to your parents. Appearance of your elder sister in your dreams may wish your visit to her or she might be willing to guide you on some topic. Your younger sister may seek your attention.

Similarly, the appearance of your brother in your dreams means sibling rivalry, dreams about a brother often relate to taking care of him, of being in parental, responsible role, with the possibility of failing and being blamed if anything goes wrong. This may produce strange dreams: I dreamed that my brother changed into a little red hen and I was chasing him down the road. Being elder brother john always felt he had to look after his fast moving unpredictable brother. I dreamed that my elder brother came to know about my boyfriend and he shut me in study room all night, leaving me alone whole night. This indicates you are hiding something very important from your elder brother and you when he came to know your relationship will be in trouble. Appearance of your younger brother may remind you of your duties to him as elder brother or your fatherly affection as if your father is no more or living far away on account of his engagements.

Grandfather gives a sense of continuity in family life. Like grandmothers, grandfathers are traditionally viewed as protective, caring and more indulgent than parents. Appearance of grandfather in your dreams assures you some protection as if you need the wisdom of an elder to guide you on your way, or if your grandfather is alive, your dream may be a reminder to you to visit him.

Grandmother is understood to be wise elder who, after death, returns to us in dreams to guide us or to accompany us through difficult times. She often comforts us. At times she shares her experience and symbolizes in dreams. If she is alive, your dream may be a reminder to you to visit her.

A daughter in dream may indicate a desire to have daughter or may represent yourself as a little girl, perhaps your inner child. The birth of child may reactive anxieties about our own childhood experience. A client who was 6 year old when her sister died cause of cancer, dreams that her own daughter would also die because of same disease. Though such unpleasant dreams do help us to face our fears about morality and help us to overcome. At times such dreams to indicate “can you accept the dream daughter who comes to you”

Dreams in which your husband appears usually related to pleasure and pains in your daily life, as well as pointing out hidden conflicts. As marital bliss may turn sour, so dreams dramatize this change. If you have a close bond with your partner, you may find that you dream of the same subject on the same night and if that subject has not been concluded in the day time, may get some conclusions in your dreams. Some dreams may help you remove your misunderstandings too.

Close relationships are the subject of the most women’s dreams and as wife you dream of husband and children. Sometime women dream of being married, about the wedding and the ceremony that is involved, but less frequently they dream of being the “wife”. Wife swapping dreams, in which married couples swap partners for sexual gratification, may reflect a longing for another partner or a desire to spice up your sex life.

If dream involves a some other couple you know, think about whether you are attracted to either partner. However, remember in dreams there are no censor, so the wild fantasies that you dream about can exist without you having to put the dream into practice in your waking life.

There is a saying that friends are what God gives us to make up for our families. While this may not be true for many people, it does acknowledge the importance of friends. They are there to sustain us in the worst times and to celebrate the best times. You may have to identify and classify your friends into two classes – good friends who are genuine and ready to help you in your emergency and bad friends who look out your good times only. Fair-weather friend is one of your friend there when the world is wonderful, but not when you need more support. A friend in need is a friend indeed- does a friend want your help? As able to give it ? If they appear in your dreams, you may interpret their intentions accordingly.

In dreams, lover may be your waking partner, your ideal or your wish-fulfillment partner, or they may even compensate for a waking situation that is unsatisfactory.

Be Happy – make an analysis of your dreams and find out how you can accomplish them.

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