Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 73)

Most people don’t know what they think about during the day, but those very thoughts that you have everyday shape and create your life. So what do you think about? What were you thinking about before you started reading this post? What were you thinking about an hour ago? Being aware of your thoughts, knowing what you’re thinking about is crucial to your success, because what you think about regularly and repeatedly is what your subconscious goes out and creates.

Everyday most people think about what they have to do, why things didn’t work out, why things may have gone wrong, what somebody said or did, they focus on the past, worry about the future… and the list goes on… but most of these thoughts are really useless. Why? Because they don’t create anything useful in your life.

Your thoughts can be magical, they can create wonderful events, attract terrific people and situations and allow you to improve your life so that you no longer have to worry, stress, or be concerned about the future. How is this possible? Your thoughts are picked up by your subconscious mind. Thoughts that you focus on regularly, lead to beliefs. These beliefs are planted on your subconscious mind like instructions inserted into a computer. Your subconscious then goes out and attracts the people, situations, opportunities based on those beliefs.

If you’re not living the life you want it’s only because you’re not creating what you want… you’re not directing your subconscious mind to create the outcomes that you want in life. Instead, you might be like most people, creating more of what you don’t want without realizing the damage that you’re causing to yourself. It is easy to get caught in a trap where you repeatedly attract what you don’t want.

Here’s how it usually works. Something goes wrong in life, you may lose a job or a loved one, an investment doesn’t work out, what ever it is… a series of negative thoughts follows. You start to think about what went wrong, try to understand why it went wrong, then you get negative. Maybe you blame yourself, or you blame others, you start to doubt your ability and you don’t believe that things will ever get better. They do not get better, and will never get better… at least not as long as you continue to hold the same thoughts and beliefs.

Your beliefs that things won’t get better, that you’re not good enough, that life is hard, that you have no money… are instructions that your subconscious mind picks up and follows.

Your subconscious thinks that you want life to be hard, that you don’t want to be good enough, and that you don’t want to have money… so your subconscious goes out and creates the situations, circumstances and opportunities to help you live the life according to those instructions.

In the above case… your subconscious is creating exactly what you don’t want and it only does this because it’s following your instructions (your thoughts and beliefs). But you can change those beliefs (the instructions). You can give your subconscious mind a new set of directions. You can put an end to any misery and create happiness and success instead. You can improve your life and achieve your goals and you can get your subconscious mind to help you achieve exactly what you want.

If you want to start achieving your goals and a happier life… then start tracking your daily thoughts. Change thoughts that don’t work for you. Create thoughts that focus on your positive qualities and on the results that you want. If you’re worrying about something, focus or think about finding solutions. If you’re thinking about the past, let it go and think about what you want now. What ever it is that’s holding you back, change the thoughts surrounding it. Changes won’t happen right away.

Remember – thoughts alone don’t create your life. Your subconscious creates your life based on your beliefs. Thoughts repeated regularly lead to beliefs. So the next step is to change your beliefs and that means giving yourself new thoughts and holding them in your mind repeatedly. This may be a little challenging at first.

You may think that you’re mind is on autopilot – but it’s not. You’re in charge of your mind and you can choose to keep certain thoughts, change them or create new thoughts. Thoughts that don’t work for you, thoughts that don’t allow you to succeed should be changed and you should regularly fill your mind with positive thoughts and thoughts on success. How soon will changes happen? When you have a new and positive belief system you’ll begin to see changes. You’ll know because life will be much different and much better.

So start changing those thoughts. Create new beliefs. Give your subconscious mind new instructions. Direct your subconscious to create the success and happiness you want. You will be able to Accomplish Your Dreams.

Be Happy – Accomplish Your Dreams.

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