Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 72)

Your dreams are back bone of your progress. Hence, to Accomplish Your Dreams, you need to relax physically and inwardly for giving up the tensions. If you are tense, you may not be able to work concentrated. You may please allow yourself to feel a real sense of personal freedom, realizing that nothing is set in stone and that you have the power to shape your life and control your destiny. Inwardly acknowledge that you are responsible for your experience. Simply let go of all ideas to do with blaming others for your misfortunes. As you breathe in, visualize the personal power that you had previously pushed onto others flowing back into you. As you breathe out, visualize your compassion as light radiating from every part of you, healing and uplifting those in need. Breathe peacefully and easily when doing this exercise without strain or undue effort. Remember to maintain a state of inner and outer relaxation during this exercise. Allow yourself to smile gently as you simply breathe in and out, building up a feeling of well-being and real personal power. By gently relaxing even more, allow a profound and loving sense of concern for the well being of every part of yourself to support and heighten the good work that you have accomplished. Focus your attention on the concept of your inner Healer and your inner Liberator. Become aware of their power flowing through you, changing your awareness.

Now allow yourself to embody the concepts of the perfect student and the perfect patient. Let your concepts of being a student and being a patient become one with the golden light of the virtues. Visualize the wonderful light transforming and uplifting you in many beneficial ways, making you ready to study effectively in accordance with your highest good.

You may appreciate that this knowledge has profound implications not just for the individual but also for society as a whole. It can remedy just as surely the ills of society on a global scale as it has on the personal scale. It is an antidote to the lopsided views of the citizen of today but, perhaps more importantly, it also has a role in inoculating future generations from countless unbalanced views which they may otherwise fall prey to. When this type of information begins, slowly but surely, to inform the policy makers of this world we will see many so called inevitable social problems dissolve away.

One amongst the most important tools of introspecting yourself for locating out the virtues already available within you, nurturing them further or introducing some more virtues, is meditation. It enhances your sense of intuition. The more you practice meditation, the more you gain insight into every aspect of your life. Insights can relate to present or past events, leading to a greater understanding of your life’s path, or they can relate to future events.

Insights into future events can be challenging in four ways:

1. The future is not fixed. Until you experience it, the future remains as an array of possibilities with a “most likely” scenario based on what holds the greatest energy.

2. Viewing the future can change the outcome. Even a 100% accurate view of the most likely scenario will trigger questions about whether you want that scenario to manifest, and that change can influence the outcome. This can give the illusion of inaccuracy in the original prediction.

3. Inner impressions come into your awareness through your imagination. However, a fertile imagination can create images on its own, almost for pure entertainment. True impressions of a future event arrive while you are in a meditative state, or sometimes while performing a monotonous task such as driving at a constant speed. They don’t fire up with the great energy of a dramatic imagination. They slip in quietly and have to be examined and unraveled to see what each impression contains.

4. When you first start scanning the future, your predictions will be less accurate than they will become later, after constant practice.

Sometimes, lack of self-esteem can be a barrier to the development of your innate virtues. In that case you need to be aware that everyone is everything that Infinite Being is. The universe is holographic by design, meaning that while the many make up the One, the One is also mirrored within each of the many. So, each person, each spark of Infinite Being, contains all of the qualities of Infinite Being.

Lack of self-esteem, therefore, is only a personality trait and not reflective of your true self. You have a perfect sense of intuition or insight, just waiting to be developed. One of the hallmarks of the global Shift to higher consciousness is that, with each passing year, more and more people will develop more of their inner abilities.

While you are practicing your intuitive skills, it is a good idea to make written notes for later reference. Insights arrive in your consciousness while you are in an altered, meditative state, so their memory dissipates quickly just like the memory of your dreams. If you keep notes, then re-read them weeks or months later, you will be amazed at how accurate many of these insights were.

Sometimes, you will also see how insights into less than desirable scenarios caused you to make a decision to steer your life in a different direction. When faced with decisions about which direction to turn, the best barometer is always your highest joy. Ask yourself, “What scenario would represent my highest joy?” When you follow your highest joy, you are following the path through life which is most closely aligned with your true essence – your soul or inner self.

Be Happy- Accomplish Your Dreams by maximizing your enjoyments.

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