Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 71)

Whenever we conceive our dreams, we plan to accomplish them. In that process, we count on our tangible and non-tangible assets, our sources and our contacts to supplement. Our own virtues play a great role in our working. Some understand that our virtues are inherited from our ancestors. That can be true to certain extent but it very much depends upon you to identify which virtues you already have, which virtues you can nurture further, and which virtues you can develop. When you have a good understanding of the virtues and trust their natural power within yourself and others, you will be ready to resolve the darker and more difficult miss comprehensions that you may have been harboring for a very long time.

In the highest sense, all concepts are equal. It is only our ignorance, colored by past experience that makes us prefer or detest one concept over another. There are some concepts that humanity as a whole has shunned and pushed to the darkest and most remote corners of their minds. As you know, when a concept is repressed an area of darknesssemi-consciousness forms where, over time, many foolish beliefs become lodged. Concepts such as suffering, pain, death, loneliness, abandonment and evil etc, etc deeply repulse the average person. This powerful repression takes up a lot of energy on a moment to moment basis and the false beliefs can have a crippling effect on our everyday lives. Because they are particularly abhorrent, or at least seem to be, it takes great bravery and compassion to reintegrate them back into our consciousness.

Reintegration of shunned concepts does not mean that we become attracted to them. Reintegration means that we have re-established a state of equilibrium with them: we are neither attracted nor repulsed by them. For example: when confronted with hatred, our minds do not recoil from it and so fall into semi-conscious habit, we remain present, absolutely conscious, with all our inner qualities available to deal with the situation in the most appropriate way. You may relax inwardly and outwardly. Visualize the unified white light of all the virtues vibrating through every part of you, cleansing, protecting healing and energizing you: actually radiating out beyond your physical body, uplifting the atmosphere around you. Choose a concept that is normally shunned such as death, decay or suffering etc. Let go of any false beliefs you may be holding about it. Endeavour to attune to that part of your being which already loves and accepts all concepts equally. Allow your consciousness to penetrate and mingle with the highest and most healthy appreciation of the concept you have chosen to reintegrate. Silently declare that you are willing for your inner and outer life to transform: willing to let go of any misguided notions and habits connected with the concept. Actually see, in your minds eye, the darkness falling away from you as your feelings of bliss and compassion increase.

If you do correctly, you will appreciate that, by shunning concepts in the past, you have been rejecting many qualities within yourself and have viewed reality through a distorted and negative lens. You may gradually feel the importance of integrating the generally shunned concepts back into your consciousness. As you are aware, death and decay are natural processes within you. When you withdraw your attention energy from a belief or habit, it begins to decay and die. The cells of your body are constantly dying and being replaced by healthy and vigorous new cells. In both these cases and others, the beneficial processes of decay and death can be inhibited and disrupted if the consciousness shuns the corresponding concepts. Furthermore, death and decay are inescapable facts of life. By deeply accepting this, we will not fall into the trap of becoming too attached to things that by their very nature are transient and fleeting. Such attachment is the cause of suffering.

If we fear failure and shun the concept within us, we will tend to not even try and so achieve nothing anyway – wasting opportunities. Or we will strive so hard that all the fun is taken out of our striving, we fall into ruthlessness and then become devastated if our goal eludes us after all. Furthermore, every failure contains within it the keys and subtle clues for future success. Thus, if we let our minds recoil away from our past failures then we are denying ourselves proper access to the valuable data which they contain.

If we fear rejection and abandonment, we may find ourselves acting against our better judgment merely to pander to those who do not have our best interests at heart. We may feel constrained to the mainstream and feel unable to resist unhealthy traditions or practices because of our deep felt need to feel accepted.

Each of the negative aspects in these examples can be easily resolved by reintegrating the corresponding concepts and applying the other submissions made so far. Can you think of any other examples of benefits arising from reintegrating shunned concepts? If you cannot and you are serious about liberating your vast potential, then you should try hard to come up with some examples of your own: independent and creative thought, along with a healthy curiosity, are all essential characteristics of a successful inner worker.

To improve your practice you should first become aware of any problems that you have concerning it, you need to identify what the problem is exactly, and then direct your efforts accordingly. For example, if you are afraid to change, you should work on your bravery. If you are disinterested, you should work on your curiosity and if you feel incapable, you should work on your majesty. By doing this, you are actually turning the problem into a stepping stone to success.

At the moment, you may see these lines as mere entertainment- a distraction from your everyday problems. You may feel that your efforts as suggested may only have a slight beneficial effect on you or be holding other limiting ideas about your practice. It is in tune with that part of your nature that wants the best for you. It is a comprehensive reminder of things that, deep down, you have always known. As you reread these lines, keep in mind that profound changes for the better are not only possible: they are inevitable as long as you apply yourself to the exercises. To achieve profound inner cleansing and transformation, a great desire and determination are needed as well as skilful means. To Accomplish Your Dreams, you need to provide the desire and determination yourself.

Be happy – Accomplish Your Dreams with strong determination.

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