Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 69)

We understand that virtues play a great role in forming our character, our goodwill and our status. We need to identify as to which virtues are in abundance within us and how the other ones can be further groomed up, nurtured further and/or developed.

I had so far been concentrating upon elemental virtues they themselves are formed from combinations of even simpler conceptual elements. By uncovering these elemental concepts and noting down their combinations you can be sure that you are on the right track. As you may agree, every virtue belongs to a group of four virtues. This indicates that all four share a conceptual element. The scientific name for a virtue is composed of the simple conceptual elements that make it up. For example, strength, gentleness, steadfastness and flexibility all share the conceptual element “Force”. Strength is the giving out of force from the self, Gentleness is the keeping in of force from the self, Steadfastness is the resisting of force from the non self, and Flexibility is the accepting of force from the non self.

Virtues are intangible properties one person has embodied to his character – many virtues even he does not know to have, play miracles for him when he proceeds further to Accomplish His Dreams. You may reintegrate those unknown virtues with those ones which you feel to have already identified to be available within you. You may relax inwardly and outwardly and acknowledge to yourself that there may be some qualities within your nature that, consciously, you do not even know to exist. Let go of all the false beliefs you have about yourself and the world around you. Simply release any inner tensions that are pushing down the unknown virtues within you now. Allow yourself to feel different as you visualize the previously unknown qualities flooding out into your awareness. Inwardly feel every part of your being infused with new power and listen carefully to your inner dialogue, try and notice any pictures or feelings that come into your mind. These perceptions may be inspirational clues that can shed light for you on the conceptual matrix or offer other useful insights. Visualize all the virtues intermingled as one light shining in boundless harmony.

If you do, I feel that it may increase your consciousness and such increased consciousness is the real inner medicine. Revealing and alleviating the areas of semi-consciousness within you is the best approach to regaining your original wholeness. However, there are secondary and supplementary techniques which utilize the existing semi-consciousness within you to create helpful changes in your life.

By experiencing how to change our habits and beliefs we are supporting the primary goal of transcending them. Naturally the changes we make should move us towards the universal virtuous matrix. As we succeed with these secondary techniques and gain satisfaction from this, we should constantly keep in mind that the overall goal is towards consciousness: we should not be content with positive believes and habits but see them only as a stepping stone or temporary measure.

When the mind experiences two or more things together it, from then on, associates them together. When the mind is reminded of one of the things, the other is also remembered to a degree. One of the reasons why people display their medals and achievement awards etc is because they evoke a little of the original good feelings associated with the achievement: it helps them to feel like a winner and so continue to act like a winner.

Look around your living area and try to identify any objects which make you feel bad because they remind you of negative past experiences or for any other reason. If you can remove them/replace them why not do so? Do you have any objects that you associate with happiness and success hidden away from view? Why not display them more prominently for positive results?

Apart from your own personal associations there are some things that are generally associated with particular feelings or concepts. For example, cleanliness and tidiness are associated with order and efficiency etc whilst dirty and messy areas are associated with squalor and degradation to some degree. Certain images, colors and forms can evoke beneficial feelings and mental attitudes within us. Why not optimize your living area by eliminating any negative images and increasing the positive?

There was once a case of a mental patient who lived at a certain residence and was making no progress at all: in fact, his insanity and delusions were worsening week by week. For one reason or another he was moved to a different residence and there he began to improve slowly but surely until the point where he was almost able to lead a normal life. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, he had to move back to his former residence. Back in his old room again, his insanity returned and the good work that had been accomplished was reversed. This sad story illustrates the law of association that we are also to some extent subject to, depending on our levels of semi-consciousness. The reason that the mental patient’s insanity returned was because his mind associated the room and its many features with the insane complexes that had developed in his semiconscious mind. The visual and other reminders in the room were all it took to trigger a relapse. Have you noticed that certain places, situations and people always seem to trigger the same negative behavior patterns within you? The next time this happens to you perform the following exercise to anchor positive associations to the external stimuli.

How should you motivate the positive associations? You may relax inwardly and outwardly and smile gently. Allow your eyes to rest on a particular feature of your surroundings for a second. At the same time smile confidently and repeat a positive affirmation such as “I feel happy and relaxed”, “My true virtuous nature radiates through every part of me” or “I choose to let go of all false beliefs”. Alternatively repeat a simple word such as “beauty”, “calmness” or “determination” etc. Now allow your eyes to rest on another feature of your surroundings for a second and repeat a different positive affirmation. Repeat this procedure a few times until you feel a sense of power, calmness and well being.

If you do this properly, you may build up a web of positive associations with the external object. When you then encounter it normally and glance at a feature that you worked on, favorable feelings should be triggered within you. More than one feature anchor is likely to be triggered in the course of an encounter, thus enhancing and supporting the beneficial effects. It is not necessary to be physically there when anchoring positive associations onto an object. By picturing the object in your mind you can perform the exercise anywhere.

Be happy – Accomplish Your Dreams By Having Positive Associations.

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