Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 67)

What do you do to Accomplish Your Dreams? Your attention immediately goes to material things. Have you ever thought of the inner qualities of your nature? Never, then, how to harness them to the optimum level of their utility is perhaps out of imagination due to ignorance or your innocence? Some time we do not attach any importance to our inner qualities. They are important and required to be cared for much. They speak of our character loudly to other people. We may believe or not but the inner qualities of your nature naturally radiate outwards into your everyday life. If they are submerged, it is you and you alone submerging them. Your pushing down of the inner qualities takes a continual moment to moment effort to maintain. The resulting inner tension and strain results in emotional and physical tension too. If you could simply stop the pushing down of your inner qualities, they would rise up into your everyday life of their own accord. When you lovingly re-accept a part of your nature, the semi-consciousness connected with it disappears and so all corresponding beliefs/habits collapse like a house of cards. Having re-established friendly relations with an aspect of your being, you have released an inner tension. There is then no pool of dark semi-consciousness for any further corresponding beliefs/habits to form.

By their very nature, the virtues within you are loveable. Simply focusing your awareness on a virtue will help natural reintegration. You need to relax physically and inwardly. Choose a virtue that you want to re-claim. Let go of any false beliefs you may still be holding about it. Silently affirm that you love and accept that part of your nature and visualize it as a light flowing from within, nourishing and fulfilling every part of your being: actually imbuing every part of your being with the special quality of the virtue. Silently affirm that you are willing for yourself and your circumstances to change and be assured that the changes can only be beneficial. Now concentrate your efforts on the virtue opposite to the one you have chosen and repeat the same procedures. Allow yourself to see the two virtues as a single harmonious state. Let go of any preferences you have for one virtue over another: They are both an essential part of your being. Repeat this repeatedly with each virtue you want to work on. Over time you should work systematically through all the virtues. A good quality matrix will ensure that none of the virtues are missed.

Why am I interested to talk about the virtue to Accomplish Our Dreams? I am interested because our virtues provide us essential stamina, energy and capacity to start, carry on and finish the proceedings and because every virtue is reflected in every other virtue. To uplift one virtue is to help uplift every other virtue. To perfect one virtue is to perfect all virtues. For example, perfect bravery must also be humble, gentle, spontaneous, patient and compassionate and so on, through every other virtue, otherwise it would not be perfect. By reintegrating bravery you are, to some extent, automatically reintegrating it into every other aspect of your being. So if your patience or compassion for example falters when danger is near, then boosting your bravery will help heal your patience and compassion. This general principle can be harnessed to a greater extent by reuniting virtues in a conscious way. How to reunite the virtues? You may relax inwardly and outwardly. Choose two virtues you wish to reunite. Take, for example, spontaneity and gentleness. Allow your spontaneity to be gentle and allow your gentleness to be spontaneous. See them as two separate qualities merging and mingling into each other, glowing with loving cooperation. Know that in reality they always have been one with you and each other. Realizing this, manifest them in your everyday life. Let the qualities (in this example: spontaneous gentleness and gentle spontaneity) infuse every part of your nature.

Every virtue is useful in awakening the other virtues. Every virtue is a unique power that is ever ready to help you in awakening the other virtues and in all ways maintain balance and harmony. Thus, every virtue is an individual pathway to overall wholeness and well-being. If you attain complete spontaneity, your every thought and action can only arise from the virtuous mind. Living continually in the present moment you bypass any beliefs or habits which you will notice are always linked to past or future: never the present reality, which can only be perceived directly. If you attain complete bravery then all the fears and aversions which acted as barriers to the various aspects of your being will collapse. If you attain complete compassion you naturally love and accept all the previously rejected aspects of yourself thus fully reintegrating all your inner qualities.

As you gain an understanding of the virtues and vices, you will begin to notice imbalances in your character that you had previously glossed over: either being unaware of them, mistakenly considering them to be positive or mistakenly seeing them as inevitable and inescapable flaws in your character. This recognition of previously unnoticed imbalances is certainly not a cause for dismay, on the contrary it is a sure sign of welcome progress towards the ideal state of perfect contentment and perfect concern. Living in such a state means you have avoided the twin imbalances of over concern (that is worry) and over contentment (that is complacency).

All your own vices are caused by a lack of love. It is a fundamental principle upon which this work is based. Accepting this principle deeply will protect you from any feelings of self loathing which only serve to maintain or worsen the particular imbalance. If you can condition yourself to feel compassionate and loving towards yourself despite any vice that you have just noticed yourself displaying, you will find that it will dissipate. Your natural virtuous nature will then resurface effortlessly and you will be able to Accomplish Your Dreams.

Be happy – Accomplish Your Dreams by re-examining your own virtues.

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