Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 63)

If you wish to Accomplish Your Dreams, please consider that today is your day to win, it is your day to accomplish your dreams, it is your day to reconsolidate yourself, it is your day to rejuvenate yourself and it is your day to explore out how best you can do your job. You must think that good things will come to you when you think so. The best preparation for good work tomorrow is good work today. What can you do now that will prepare you for tomorrow?

Often the most frustrating thing that any of us feel, on a regular basis, something really bad, and not be able to get it right away. Yes, it’s frustrating. But it’s usually not realistic, is it? We are just feeling, but not trying how to get out of those bad things. We may see the other side of coin – we can recollect what are those good things which were achieved by us and how? Perhaps, we can refresh ourselves.

The challenge that we face is that advertisers want us to get motivated to buy their products immediately. But if you have limitations of one sort or another, like… you don’t have a space to park a 50 foot yacht, or simply no money, then you’re not going to be able to buy this thing. And it’s not just products, is it? Many people see someone else with some personal trait or a job they want and they get jealous. They want it, too… NOW!

It’s getting so that it’s increasingly rare to find people who are truly willing to put in the requisite time necessary to get the traits or items they want. Our world today is trying to teach us that we must get what we want immediately; that it’s our right. And that’s why so many of us are jealous, smoke or drink, are overweight, use drugs, etc. Listen up. It’s your right, all right. It’s your right to have the same opportunity to work for what you want. You have to sacrifice to reach your dreams just like every other person who ever lived, who reached the same kinds of ambitions.

Today must be the day that puts you on, or keeps you on, the road to attaining what you want. Remember, God helps those who help themselves. Many days don’t afford us the time to push certain things forward, it’s true. For example, if you’re traveling and you use that as an excuse to not eat right and to not exercise, then you probably won’t do it even when it’s more convenient.

Life is NOT like school. In school, you can trick yourself into thinking you’re doing great if you cram for exams and get decent scores. It is possible to get fairly good grades for a while that way. But you don’t learn it. You’re likely to just remember it until the exam is over… maybe. That’s why new college graduates often find it difficult to find a decent paying job. Companies like successful work experience. In college, you can fool the system and yourself. In the professional world and in most other areas of life, it’s a lot tougher. It is almost impossible if you had not been serious.


Real life is truly like a farm. On the farm, you must move the rocks, buy seeds and all the other stuff, plant the seeds, buy and maintain the equipment, pull weeds, keep the pests away, water the crops, buy and sell the animals, feed them, nurse the sick ones back to health, fertilize, etc. And you need to keep up with it all everyday… Or you won’t have a crop at the end of the season. Life is like this, too. Just like a farm, you can’t “cram” in life. Don’t be fooled. Don’t believe the lies that others want you to believe. You want to believe it. I know you do. But think.

The people who have the things you want earned them. And don’t believe they just got lucky. Luck takes work. Put the effort in today and you’ll get luckier and luckier. Will it be immediately? Probably not! Beat this into your head… Anything worth having takes time to get it.

When I’m tempted to believe that I should have something (before I’ve earned it), I think of my grandparents. They owned a farm. And I realize that life can be long and that I can’t put tomorrow before today. Then I look at my goal, put my shoulder down and keep going… With a smile on my face.

To Accomplish Your Dreams, you must dissolve and release all jealousy from your heart and believe that you will receive all your rewards at the appropriate times and according to the efforts you put in. You keep yourself at peace with your responsibilities and you will always be preparing yourself for tomorrow today.

Be happy – Accomplish Your Dreams by starting your day as winning day.


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