Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 58)

To Accomplish Your Dreams, you need to build up familiarity and trust with those you wish to work with. Who do you buy products and ideas from? Those you trust and love (or like), right? Most people are more likely to listen to their cousin about a stock tip over a 40-year stock-investing guru, if they don’t know him or her. That’s what familiarity and trust does. When you look at some one for the first time, do you look for things to judge, criticize or distrust; or do you see things you can admire, compliment and feel good about? No matter what, you’ll find what you’re looking for…If you habitually look for bad, you’ll find it–even if you have to manufacture it. But when you train yourself to unconsciously look for good, you’ll find that, too.
It is your attitude. Deep in your heart, you know I’m right. You know it. But in your daily actions, it’s difficult to implement it. It is true that you are not wrong at your heart and you love everyone you come across. You do not want to hurt anyone unless you are hurt knowingly. The unseen power of love will escape you if you just say that you are going to change your attitude. To Accomplish Your Dreams, you will have to ensure that you are changing your attitude, you are making it positive. You will have to get it install this and other empowering beliefs in your mind daily if they’re to make a dent in those habits of yours so they can start affecting your feelings and actions. Once you are able to get this in your head, you will be miles ahead of where you were this morning.

Believe me, if you condition your mind with positive empowering new beliefs and success producing attitudes, your destiny will change. For this, you may dissolve your criticizing habit, look for the good in others and they respond to you, love other people and they would love you back, greet your enemies with love in your heart, look for things to like in others and you would find them. You may believe that your love will create opportunities for me today. It is your strong belief that will help you to Accomplish Your Dreams.

What Are Your Aspirations? There is no shame in having fallen. Nor any shame in being born into a lowly estate. There is only shame in not struggling to rise. And also shame for not wishing to attain the better. Or not dreaming about it and praying for it. When you see some celebrities together sitting at some stage, have you ever thought how those people got there? How did they become that way? Was everything given to them, was it genetics, or a loving mother? Or was it planning and dedication that got them to where they are, to be who they are? The people who have a number of unearned possessions or status in inheritance are known as being born with a silver spoon in their mouth… or some lottery winners. Most follow-up research on Lottery winners shows the same thing. Within a short time, it’s all gone. They didn’t EARN it, never learned responsibility with money, so they’re helpless against every expensive temptation there is. So even if you win, you lose. You know, the average rich person that does not have to work for what they get doesn’t know how to keep it, or anything else in their lives – and becomes the type that just can’t make anything work. They get trained to live their lives with their hands out to their parents. Whether you’re wealthy or not, giving your kids everything creates social and financial cripples.

If you wish to Accomplish Your Dreams truly, you need to work. You will have to stop blowing your money on lottery tickets. Figure out how much you spend on them and that expensive daily gourmet cappuccino, and put exactly that much in a money market fund every week or two and become rich the proven way – slowly. Surely. But how do you start to get the discipline to be able to do something like that? To achieve any worthwhile objective? You must have goals. The average person has no long-term goals. And the word creates a lot of confusion. Most think a goal is a goal when it’s something like: You want to be rich; want a screen star body; win a gold medal; get an advanced college degree; in short, to desire something really huge.

The trouble with big goals is not that you’re dreaming out of your league–it’s that very few set goals in such a way that they ever get accomplished. Like everything, there’s right and wrong ways to do it. You can buy books, and go to seminars to learn how. I did. But honestly, it boils down to a few simple steps and some things you can do to ensure that you’ll stick it out and be there at the end with your hands raised high. The first mistake everyone usually makes is getting excited about having something – prompted by an external source, a commercial maybe. Wrong way to start. I know I sound like a broken record, but setting and achieving goals is not REALLY about what you get as much as it is what you become during the process of attaining your goal. When you ARE more, you’ll get more automatically now and in the future.

What you need to do first is look at an area of your life that’s causing you some trouble. You are in pain about it – emotional, physical, whatever. Choose an area that gives you a big one of these pains. I mean, why go after something you really don’t want badly, right? Getting rid of a gnawing pain that you’ve had for a while is a great way. Getting rid of the fabricated pain that a commercial stirred up and then proposed to cure is often the wrong way… Take your pain and look at it. What does it cost you to have the problem or lack? Write down the physical costs, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, financial. Spread it out for 1, 2, 5 and 20 years. Feel it. Get by yourself and do this, because you just might need a few tissues during this process. Take your time. It’s been a long time that you haven’t had this “goal” so a little time spent doing this is an investment. It would be beneficial. This will give you determination you didn’t think you had. How? You have it… You just have to find this pain and then keep it handy. When you have that, you’ll have a base for the setting of a goal – a goal that inspires you to keep going… to reach down deep.

Do this exercise and you’ll begin to see the power of starting out intelligently instead of letting others control your goals for you. To Accomplish Your Dreams, you need to set goals based on your real needs and desires, by setting your sights on defining what you want, by deciding to put the effort in to achieve your goals. If you do it, you will enjoy the process of setting and reaching worthwhile goals and you would be ready to set goals the right way.

Be Happy – Set Your Goals.

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