Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 47)

Do you ever say I shall do it later even if that job was on your priority list? To Accomplish Your Dreams, you must admit it, a majority of us put off things till last minute. But procrastination can result in more than just you taking out garbage of last weeks along with garbage of this week. Regularly procrastinating, putting things off over and over again creates a sub-conscious mindset that forces you to put things off. Many an opportunity is lost because a man is out looking for four-leaf Clovers. The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live. Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people do not recognize them.

This attitude and mindset impacts your family, work and personal life… stopping you from achieving the best you can be and preventing you for enjoying the success you want and deserve. These habits become a part of who you are. That is definitely not what you want. You want to strive to reach you best and maximize your potential… but procrastinating does not allow you to do that. You always know you can do better, strive farther and achieve more. The problem is procrastination. The solution is to STOP PROCRASTINATING. You shall enjoy dramatic results. Stop Procrastinating re-programs your mind… so you go from being the person who puts things off over and over again – to being the-go-to-person – who gets things done.

You can enjoy the success you want. You can put an end to procrastinating. You will get more done in less time. If you would like to move to the next level in your career (or if you are having problems getting started) then you must understand that in today’s tough economic times, just having job skills is not enough. The people who are thriving have learned to produce more in less time by creating laser like focus and a sense of fearlessness that does not allow anything to distract them from getting what they deserve. If you feel comfortable, you may:

* Center yourself in less than 20 seconds, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

* Build your confidence and find out how your sense of Self Worth can enhance your career and your life.

* Find time for projects (even when life gets in the way).

* Turn fear into motivation (This is the same way top athletes transform their fears into a competitive advantage).

* Create new neural pathways that empower you to replace poor time management habits with productive habits.

* Build an emotional “safety net” that automatically reduces your resistance to getting things done. (Create this safety net and you will be amazed at your new eagerness to do things now! Yes – including job prospecting).

* Create effortless motivation; will-power will not work long term.

* Eliminate conflicting goals and align yourself towards a common purpose.

Be Happy – Give Up Procrastination and Accomplish Your Dreams.

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