Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 34)

To dream anything that you want to dream, that is the beauty of the human mind. To do anything that you want to do, that is the strength of the human will. To trust yourself, to test your limits, that is the courage to succeed. To Accomplish Your Dreams, you must trust yourself; you must test your limits. It is generally believed that it is impossible to long-jump 30 feet, but I do not listen to that kind of talk. Thoughts like that have a way of sinking into your feet. Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace and happiness. You always need to do your best. You must have patience too to wait for the result of your sincere and hard work. What you plant now, you will harvest later.

Your own successes can be directly linked to your ability to positively impact those around you! So, many of you may look for ways to benefit yourself first. I truly believe that a far easier path towards attaining your goals is to develop your individual goals around bettering the lives of those around you! In doing this you will quickly realize that many will come to your side and recognize your efforts to Accomplish Your Dreams. In my own business we have adopted a sense of community. The number one priority is to give a total customer experience! And number two is to give everyone in the organization a chance to better the overall quality of their life!

In this day and age of complex Mission Statements ours is straight and to the point. We care about those that we do business with and we care about those that make up our organization! Needless to say these simple beliefs have gone farther towards building our company than anything else I could have imagined. You may also try to adopt this into your life, you will certainly see results in short order, and you will be able to Accomplish Your Dreams!

We are what we repeatedly do; excellence is therefore not an act but a habit. If you are optimistic in your working, and you do not give up this attitude, it is certain that in spite of your preliminary failures or teething troubles in your projects, you will succeed definitely whereas the pessimism may not help you in your mission to Accomplish Your Dreams. You must be ready for all circumstances. You may not understand joy, until you have felt sorrow; faith until you are tested; peace, until you are faced with conflict; trust, until you are betrayed; love until it is lost; hope, until you are faced with doubts. I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars and promises me day light after a few hours.

Each day is but another chance to do that which we did not do the day before. It is another chance to try the very ideas that are running rampant in our minds! At this very moment there is simply no better time than to start that journey towards your goals! You may see things that are and say “Why?” But I dream things that never were and say “Why not?” Until you do it, you will not be able to effect any change to Accomplish Your Dreams. Why do you need change? Because whatever you dream, that is to wish a change of the present that can be a modification or an addition. But change is always an end result of all true learning. Change involves three things: First, dissatisfaction with self-a felt void or need; second, a decision to change-to fill the void or need; and third, a conscious dedication to the process of growth and change-the willful act of making the change; Doing Something. Be the change you want to see in your life! When I first heard this statement I must admit it took some time for it to process. It is one of those quotes that seem kind of shallow on the surface. Over time I have come to realize that after all the success stories and quotes that I have read this one quote will be the difference between my success in something. That is I must be willing to take that most awkward of steps and lunge out towards my goals!

Sometime, you may try to review your own ability to Accomplish Your Dreams. It happened with one of friends doing good business. He was undergoing the same type situation in his life. After feeling a little confused in proceeding onward, he decided to keep a daily log of this. After a month of tracking all his decisions the end results showed that overwhelmingly his initial decisions were for the best! This points out two very interesting things. First, we all have a very unique ability to make the right decisions most of the time. And secondly, even if we make a bad decision there is very little that we can do after the fact! That is to look at how much time we are wasting in allowing ourselves to ponder our past decisions. Take the time to track the choices you make each day. At the end of your evaluation I am sure that you will find out for yourself that you are more qualified than your weaknesses!

Making good decisions comes from experience; experience comes from bad decisions. If the power to do hard work is not talent, it is the best possible substitute for it. Ambition by itself never gets anywhere until it forms a partnership with work. Do not try to look for the easy road to Accomplish Your Dreams! Because it is almost impossible to find. Instead focus your energies on finding those things that you truly enjoy doing. Look for the things that you would do even if you did not get paid for it! You see success in something is not an easy road, it takes time and persistence. However, if you enjoy what you are doing you will not notice as much the long hours it will take to reach your goals!

Be Happy – Dream about your ambitions and Accomplish them with putting in your best.

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