Accomplish Your Dreams (56)

A human being with a settled purpose must accomplish it, and that nothing can resist a will which will stake even existence upon its fulfillment. What am I willing to give up for getting my objective? To gain something I must be ready to invest something out of me. It can be my time, my energy, my resources – anything, that can be material or intangible but certainly of use for some other purpose which may have to be diverted to the task in hand now.

It was the last week of April in the year 1988 when in a pretty morning; I was fired out of a job, considered to be good one during those times. I and my family knew that I was not at fault but none other thought so in wake of the propaganda which had been made before that firing was to take place. It became clear in course of time that dismissal orders were pre-planned and some vested interests were searching out the base to get out them. A happy family was derailed all of sudden and I had to rethink and ask my God for an answer to the question of why I couldn’t get myself to do what I needed to do to get my simple goals met. Why had I been victimized for no fault? I just tried to fight against corruption and dishonesty. Thereafter, I made several attempts to put myself on track to support my family but got fired from countless jobs. Finally, after reading some very popular books on selling and motivation over and over… I continued to fail, not making one single solitary thin dime in my commissioned sales job for close to TWO more years. If it weren’t for friends and then my trusty van, I literally would’ve been living on the street.

One day, during this period, while sitting in my van, a man walked up and started talking to me. He was brilliant. He went on to tell the story of when he, as an announcer, covered the World Series back in the late 60’s. He had all the names; he knew stats like it was yesterday. His voice was clearly that of a broadcaster. But the thing that was most incredible was…He was pushing a shopping cart, which carried all his earthly possessions. He was homeless, too. He was living on the street. I couldn’t believe it. He told me that he just got sick of the daily challenges. He was facing one problem after another. He literally became unable to function in any capacity. Very quickly he had lost everything. At the end, it was by choice. Sadly, I could identify with THIS guy more than anyone I had met in a while. I was very low, but fortunately, I hadn’t quite reached that level……Yet. I did want to get off the street and stop being a bum. So I found a great bookstore around place which had comfy chairs, and I started spending a lot of time there. Ultimately, I had gotten very familiar with a number of self-help change methods, including self-talk and motivating techniques. Like I said, I had a lot of time on my hands.

I soon came back to Industrial Estate where I got a menial job and started to create a new life with a changed attitude. Now, I was not repeatedly looking into the back history and narrating the incidents to everyone coming closer to me. Instead, I started to talk about the benefits which I could manage for them and prepared notes over that theme with my past experience accompanied with motivating guidelines. Initially, it was my free consultancy. But in due course of time, the people who got benefited tried to reward in cash or kinds whatever they thought appropriate. After some time, one of my friends asked me to give him advice in a professional way… that is per assignment basis or hourly basis. It was something upgrading of my worth in my own eyes making me understand that I was doing something worthwhile. I started to sell out my advices for which I got much help from the book store by going through the biographies, motivational literature, and Don’t Worry, Be Happy Book I could find, I pulled out all the lessons, the beliefs and the attitudes of life’s top performers. I turned them into self-instructions, and stated to record them onto tapes with very specific baroque music passages playing in the background. It was quite a setup. I was desperate and willing to do anything. I knew once I was recognized to be a successful management consultant, I won’t be fired again on a simpler excuse.

In what seemed like just a few days, I began to feel differences. In my new job, I started working lots of hours in my original menial job as well as trouble shooting programs for those persons who felt some difficulty in managing their units. Soon, I was making telephone calls to prospective clients and I got success. The more I listened to the problems of different kinds, the more I got deep knowledge and experience of human psychology at different levels – those who are employers have different equations of output and rewards in their minds whereas the employees had got different priorities. I have to convince both of them to make out reconciliation so that the production is not affected ultimately. Virtually, I became a salesman of my own concepts and I was happy that I was able to lead my family with more happiness and left my menial job to become a full time management consultant working seven days a week. Missing any contact is just not an option, expanding my social network. I do not advertise myself, I never give reference of my past assignments. My old clients do this job themselves – I just get enquiries and reply them as soon as possible. Wherever necessary, I do take time to have further discussions with the person who needs solution of his problems. Similarly, the endeavor to put on the posts over this blog is an expansion of my working in this direction. It may be of any use to anyone!

During all these days, if I count in terms of time-scale – 21 years, I got identification of my friends and enemies. I got identification of my potentialities and methods how to get my enemies converted into my friends. I feel that ‘impossible’ can also be done if we have determination to do so, if we continue to explore the avenues how to convert the impossibilities into the possibilities. Amidst many alarming problems which may cover us from all corners, we may find some blocks if we study our own working. Such blocks can be imaginary or real ones but for their creation, we might have been responsible to certain extent. We must think afresh and find out the reasons why they came about. In case we are not mentally ready to undertake this exercise, we may forget to do. But we can think how we can do something new. To activate ourselves, we may have to be active – it might be some difficult in beginning but once started, there would be no such problem afterwards. Whenever I wanted to eliminate a block, get good at something, or feel better about myself, I looked for the top professionals, researched their findings, uncovered lots of conflicting data, found what made sense and made a note and proceeded on. I have found there wasn’t anything that I couldn’t literally install into or rip out of my mind. And with the right thoughts and instructions, you could create an endless loop of success, each good outcome fueling in you the desire to keep the positive change and to improve even more. All you have to do is release your blocks and embrace your unlimited potential. There’s enormous power within you. It might be buried, but it’s there. You need a little study of yourself. You can Accomplish Your Dreams in spite of there being sheer poverty or isolation of the resources for the time being. After every night, there is a day – a ray of light, Let us move on.

Be Happy – Accomplish Your Dreams with a ray of light, a ray of hope.

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