4 Things to Know About Wireless Dog Fences

4 Things to Know About Wireless Dog Fences

4 Things to Know About Wireless Dog Fences : As a dog owner who is concerned about the activities of your dog or worried that your pooch may go beyond the boundaries of Narnia, then you need a wireless dog fence. The fact that you cannot at all times be vigilant and aware of your dog’s activities gives you every reason for keeping your dog safe.

With a wireless fence, you’ll need not to worry about wiring. This is a great idea especially if you want to cordon off specific areas of your yard to pets. For instance, if you love gardening, the wireless dog fence will help ensure the health and safety of your plants from the plowing paws of your dog. Here are four things to know about wireless dog fences.

  1. How they work
    This type of fence consists of a wireless transmitter and a receiver.  An invisible limit is then set to surround your dog, providing a safe pet zone. The receiver is then added to the collar of the dog. Once this is done, the central transmitter is then connected to an electrical outlet to give out a radio signal. If the dog goes beyond the set boundaries, the dog’s collar will receive warning beeps as signals from the transmitter. If the dog continues, it will get a gentle zap in form of a shock. This will keep it within the boundaries in no time.
  2. They’re Safe
    The wireless dog fence has been proven to be safe and healthy for dogs. The shock from the collar is not enough to cause pain, it only provides noticeable discomforts to keep your dog within the boundaries. This static correction will over time help train your dog to stay well within the marked boundaries. Eventually, your dog will associate the feeling of discomfort with crossing the borders. It only takes about two to three weeks to teach your dog the boundaries.
  3. They provide a myriad of benefits
    The wireless dog fencing system has a variety of benefits, some of which include the following:
  • Low Maintenance – a traditional fence would require occasional paint jobs and repairs. As for the wireless fence, you’ll only require to occasionally change the batteries.
  • Convenience – wireless fences are quite easy to install. They are also very portable and provide a long-term service compared to the traditional fences.
  • Better View – the wireless dog fence does not in any way hinder your view or cause obstruction. It is also in a way, more aesthetic than a traditional fence is.
  1. Features to look out for
    If it’s your first time buying a wireless dog fence, here are some important features to look out for.
  • The number of transmitters: The ideal common wireless dog fence comes with a single transmitter. This transmitter is usually programmed with a spherical boundary.
  • The range of boundaries: Before purchasing the wireless dog fence, it’s important to determine the range of the boundary. The most important thing to do is measure out your garden and backyard to help you in the final purchasing decision.
  • Type of batteries: Ensure that your fence operates on readily available batteries. There are some types of fences that may need you to get batteries from the manufacturer. Get a package that requires normal batteries you can get at the convenient stores.
  • The number of collars needed: If you have more than one dog, you may need more than one transmitting collar. There are, however, packages that include multiple dog collars. It’s best to ensure that you keep this in mind when doing your research.


Wireless dog fencing is the technologically advanced means to keeping our dogs safe and contained in the most convenient way. When looking for these and other dog supplies such as dog houses, crates, beds, and doors, pawcastle.com can be an amazing place to get them online.



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4 Things to Know About Wireless Dog Fences

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